November 26

What You Should Know About The U.S Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve is not only recognized in the States but boasts of being among the largest distributors of precious metal coins. The U.S Money Reserve deals in U.S government-issued precious metals. Gold, silver, and platinum are the metals one needs to choose from when purchasing with the money reserve.
What makes the U.S Money Reserve stand out? The money reserve is the brainchild of gold market veterans who saw an opportunity and utilized it. These veterans identified the necessary aspects needed to trade in the gold market and combined them to come up with an excellent service. These aspects included expert market knowledge, top-notch customer service, as well as trustworthy guidance. With these factors combined, it would be possible to trade in the gold market profitably.
The U.S Money Reserve is recognized by the Business Consumer Alliance and is AAA rated. The Company has also been featured in many Tv Commercials. To keep the reputation of the company, the money reserve has employed an experienced, highly trained team that involves over 100 knowledgeable professionals. Senior gold specialists are always on standby on their contact number, ready to speak to clients and offer the necessary advice besides helping an individual build a personalized portfolio.
Over the years, numerous clients have put their trust in the U.S Money Reserve and majority of them are currently in profit positions. There are numerous reasons why this is the case, and why you should choose the money reserve for your precious coins dealings.
The greatest attribute is the availability of senior gold specialists, with decades of combined experience in the trade. These specialists equip the clients with all the necessary details about purchasing the precious metal coins.
Another advantage of working with the money reserve is that they deal with tangible assets. This simply means that you can take physical possession of your coins once you have purchased them. These coins can be delivered to your address, be it your home, office or even your bank.
Upon creating an account with the U.S Money Reserve, one has access to the best coins in the market. The money reserve ensures they seek the highest quality of gold, silver, and platinum coins available, ensuring that they can only appreciate the value in future. The U.S Money Reserve also offers a full money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, should the client not be satisfied with the coins.
The U.S Money Reserve gives back to the community by actively participating in corporate social responsibility. Currently, the company is spearheading a donation campaign in aid of the Capital Area Food Bank to ensure the less fortunate enjoy the festive season.

November 26

Beneful Has What Your Pup Needs

Each and every dog has a unique personality and unique needs. Beneful has a variety of products to suit dogs’ differing needs through various stages of life, from energetic puppies to seniors with slowing metabolism.

A healthy start to a puppy’s life begins with Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food. Flavored with real chicken, carrots, and peas, Healthy Puppy contains all the nutrients a young dog needs for healthy vision, bone, and brain development. It gives them the energy to play, learn, and grow.

Past the puppy stage on, a healthy adult dog needs a high protein intake to have the energy to run and romp. Beneful’s Playful Life dry dog food contains a high protein concentration of beef and eggs. It also contains the exciting additional flavors of blueberry and spinach.

Especially for small dogs, Beneful on youtube has created IncrediBites dry dog food. It has the same great flavors and nutrition as Beneful’s other dry foods, with beef, carrots, and peas, but in smaller bites for the smallest puppy pals.

Sometimes even dogs can overdo their diet, especially as metabolism slows with age. When that happens, Beneful offers their Healthy Weight dry dog food. Healthy Weight food still offers and exciting mix of flavors, containing chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans, but checks in at a lower calorie count. With this food, dogs get all the nutrients they need while maintaining a healthy weight.

Weight isn’t the only health concern when it comes to dogs. It is also important to maintain a dog’s oral health with regular brushing, dental check-ups, and crunchy treats. Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists reduce plaque and tartar buildup with the great taste of peanut butter, accented with parsley to freshen breath.

Beneful offers all these varieties and more. Besides dry food and treats, they also have a large selection of wet foods for the pampered pooch. For all stages of a dog’s life, Beneful has the right combination of flavors and nutrients to keep a dog full of puppy pep!

November 25

The Investment Thesis that Earned Adam Sander Millions of Dollars as an Art Collector

Adam Sender is one of the world’s greatest art collectors because he actually has a profound vision for what he loves whereas so many art collectors have very little vision or passion at all. For one to be a visionary, one must have a massive amount of conviction in one’s beliefs and as well as the ability to be as brutally honest about their personal desires as possible. There are lots of art collectors today who collect according to what other people believe should be collected. Collecting art from a position of a follower as opposed to the position of a leader causes people to be fooled because they are targets who will easily fall victim to the trending art of the day. See, what most people don’t understand is that what is trending today is not necessarily what is truly groundbreaking and when someone subscribes to what is trending today, the success of their art may have already hit its highest stride, like so much other trending art that did not move any further. This mindset inevitably leads to disappointment, leading them to quit collecting altogether.

Adam Senders investment thesis is much different because he actually has very strong ideas about what he loves and is uncompromising in his desire to seek it. For Adam Sender, it doesn’t matter if the artist is new on the scene or if he is someone who has been around for long time, if he wants their art then he will invest millions to obtain it. This attitude has propelled Adam Sender to legendary status within the art community. As an art collector, you are almost guaranteed to fail unless you would feel successful if you were never able to sell the art, so you must follow your intuition when it comes to choosing the art that personally inspires you.

Now, I’m going to give you the scenario: one guy buys a Picasso sketch for $5 million. He doesn’t really care much for the sketch, yet, he knows that Picasso’s art will inevitably increase in value. There’s another collector who purchases a piece for $100,000 who doesn’t know if the piece is going to increase in value, he just buys it because he loves it. Now, let’s say the Picasso sketch gains $1 million increase when it is put on the market. That means that that person who bought the Picasso for $5 million now has $6 million. He may have been better off putting his money into a hedge fund or something that would have earned his money a greater increase. Yet, the guy with conviction who purchased the art for $100,000 actually has a chance for that art to increase in value by 15 to 20 times. It is almost impossible for that Picasso to increase in value that much, unless five out of six Picasso’s were burned in a fire, leaving his sketch as one of the very few. The likelihood this will happen is extremely small, so it is very important to make investments based on your heart and not just how much money you plan on receiving for your artwork.

November 24 Supports Good Work Code for Freelancers

A recent Government Tech article outlined a letter released and signed by the top gig economy leaders including Handy, Etsy, Lyft, and other CEO’s and founders of shared economy work ventures. What was their goal? On behalf of the gig economy workforce of freelancers across the nation, they hope to garner a portable benefits package that includes retirement, paid time off, workers’ compensation and training. These freelancers are caregivers, house cleaners, nannies, drivers and home producers of consumer goods; and as such are contributing to our countries stability by taking a load off the unemployment rate and infusing much needed money into our economy. At the crux of the problem is that employers only have two choices when offering a flexible benefits program – and that is either to captive employees or a contractor. The letter was also sent to federal and state lawmakers, and is calling for a national debate to highlight the issue and bring about a solution. In addition to a benefits package, The Good Work Code is seeking to clarify and make standard, important principles for their workers, such as safety, livable wages and stability in the workers chosen employment. is a leader in providing a platform for freelancers to connect with available job opportunities. Customers go online and within 60 seconds they can book a home service such as cleaning, painting, plumbing; even handyman services such as hanging pictures, blinds or furniture assembly. Their success is due to the thorough background screening and reference check of the workers sent out under the Handy name. Prompt and professional employees that enjoy stable work at a good pay-rate have contributed to the companies success.

Co-founded in 2012,by Oisin Hanrahan through his frustration in finding reliable handymen to support his efforts in refurbishing apartments in Budapest, thought their must be a better way. Bringing his idea to America, while attending Harvard Business College, he teamed with classmate Umang Du they put together an application that unites persons in need of house services with those that are willing to do the job right. Since then has received $50 million in funding, booked over one million dollars in bookings and continues to offer freelancers an excellent choice in finding quality work.

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November 19

QNet: Setting Examples in Direct Selling

QNet is one of the largest direct-selling companies throughout all of Asia, and yet many throughout the rest of the world have never heard of it. However those with even the slightest interest in becoming a salesperson would be wise to do their research on this company and learn a thing or two about their business model.

Founded in 1998 by Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran, QNet prides itself on strictly following two major philosophies. The first is RYTHM, an acronym for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind and is based primarily on the many teachings of Gandhi. The second is the concept of In-Service and its importance in any leadership role. Essentially, serving others above one’s self is the ultimate quality in any leader.

With its direct-sales model, QNet is able to market and distribute both basic and high-end items to their incredibly valued customers and clients. Their products range from luxury and fashion items to weight-loss gear and skincare items to items that are needed for education and home maintenance. Some of the most popular brands that they distribute include Physio Radiance, Vitanew, and De Moda.

Of course, a business can’t be great without great employees, and QNet knows that employees who are well taken care of always perform better. Each and everyone of of its independent representatives is given a foundation to build up an entrepreneurial network and solid business that comes with significant compensation and allows them to expand their business as wide as they possibly can. Additionally, with employees in over thirty countries, QNet prides itself on being an extremely diverse and inclusive environment.

The company’s primary location is in Hong Kong and has over twenty offices across Asia, the Middle East, and even in parts of Africa. A few of its most prominent locations include Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. It is also a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

For those interested in learning more about QNet and its extremely admirable business practices, please visit the company’s website at

November 18

What’s Google Saying About You? Here’s How You Can Check

Millions find comfort in feeding the web information. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to this indulgence. Although, web users decorate social media walls and profiles to entertain fans, it’s also a tool to forge a dark weapon. To keep private data personal and avoid doxxing, try the following steps. Status Labs’ digital crisis fixer Mr. Darius Fisher recommended them as first-step tips.

Every website user should check his or her name in Google. Personalized searches don’t deliver the best results. As such, it’s better to search Google as an anonymous user. Google search results might return incriminating information even if it’s not true. For those using social media websites, it’s practical to monitor privacy and security setting carefully. This includes all profiles, professional and personal alike. Google search engines crawl everything, including defaming reviews and other unfavorable news. It’s not a trivial task to remove personal data shared online. Fortunately, web users can hire someone or a company that specializes in online reputation management to do it. Status Labs handles everything from public relations to content management.

Google loves fresh, relevant content to crawl. For better rankings and to keep someone’s online reputation clean, feeding Google factual, positive content helps. Furthermore, web users should keep their profiles and content current. With the myriad of social media tools and resource web users have on hand today, it’s the least demanding occupation. However, an experienced digital crisis expert can get results faster and also provide round-the-clock protection. In fact, data brokers control larger networks these days. The average web user isn’t experienced enough to explore all avenues and find personal information that’s been leaked. Digital crisis experts undertake this role without doubts and provide favorable results.

Status Labs works to keep all their clients profile clean. In fact, Mr. Fisher, whose established outstanding reputation providing expert crisis response and online reputation management services. During an interview, he stressed the importance of web users exercising proactive digital reputation management steps. Mr. Fisher came together with partners and launched his micro digital reputation boutique back in 2011. It’s since transformed into a larger operation with over 35 global locations. Its New York office is its latest development.

Today, the Austin-based Status Labs headquarters manages an extensive portfolio of 1500+ clients. Among those it serves include public figures, Fortune-100 brands and other profiles. The firm’s success comes as no surprise. Its president and co-founder father Mr. Darius Fisher uses effective strategies to drive positive output. The boutique has become a big-time player on the local and international scene.

November 16

Getting the Right Lawyers in Brazil Made Easier

One of the most difficult processes while searching for justice is to find a reliable professional who is able to offer the best legal representation. Many professionals have been identified in cases that have failed to offer justice and working with such professionals could spell doom for client. This is an experience no person would like to get in contact with. Therefore, searching for a reliable lawyer is something that anyone looking for justice will yearn for. You need to get the right information so as to differentiate between the best and imposters who may not offer solutions to your woes. Here are basic considerations that you should maintain while searching for a lawyer in Brazil.

First it is necessary to check on the experience record of the person you aspire to work with. Most professionals who are available in the industry are in the phase of learning and this could pose a threat to the attainment of your goals. Remember you need a trusted professional to help you manage the case in a more flexible manner. Experience comes with loads of information and this is something you should always remember and keep in mind. Certified professionals will be able to avail their information for the client to judge. Give preference to those who are able to display their certification status as these are some of the few individuals who are able to cater for your needs fully. Do not also rush to embrace the services of these self proclaimed individuals as most of them lack the requisite experience to handle cases of different kinds.

Talk to the veterans as they hold relevant information that can allow you to make the right decisions. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among these professionals you will need to consult so as to get honest views about certain professionals in the market. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalhos is a law graduate with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked with different groups of individuals who have sought to solve issues in different categories. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a great individual and his personality has contributed to the creation of a positive profile.

Consulting Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is getting the right information and he will direct you to reliable professionals who are capable of handling your cases. He has taught many individuals and he is a honest professional with a heart to ensure everyone gets justice.

November 16

Handy Continues to Grow in the On-Demand Home Service Market

The on-demand home-service company, Handy, recently announced continued growth and expansion despite a challenging market. Handy reportedly raised $50 million led by Fidelity, indicating a valuation of $500 million.

Handy offers on-demand services in the home such as house cleaning and furniture delivery and assembly. Customers get Handy services primarily through an application that connects them to service providers such as cleaners and contractors.

Handy, previously known as Handybook, began in 2012 in New York as a way for people to have quick-access to home services at a low price. Since that time Handy has grown tremendously, now booking about 100,000 jobs per months and 1 million dollars a per week in 28 different markets. In 2014 Handy opened its expansion to the West Coast of the United States after acquiring Exec, a competitor based in San Francisco. Exec was acquired for about $10 million and the acquisition served as an opportunity for Handy to grow rapidly in California.

The company has also continued to attract service providers to its business, currently having about 10,000 registered and vetted. According to Handy, a large majority of these service providers remain active with the company for over 12 months, although it may only be on a part-time basis.

Handy hopes to continue to grow further by investing these new funds into their existing markets so that they can refine their services and ensure that they can retain their current customers. Currently, about 80 percent of Handy bookings a week come from repeat customers, to which they recently hit the 1 million mark.. To further this retention, Handy is transitioning to an online platform so that customers can book and cancel services more efficiently than in the past.

After conquering their existing markets, Handy then hopes to expand to other markets in late 2016. Additionally, the company wants to continue increasing the number of services it provides other than cleaning (such as the furniture assembly). Currently cleaning services account for 80% of the jobs on Handy, so there is clearly room for growth with other home services. This growth has the potential for Handy to become the most dominant force in the on-demand home service market.

November 12


Banco BMG is a major provider of investment services, credit cards and finances mainly in Brazil. It focuses mainly on the consigned credit market in which it is among the pioneers in the country. Banco BMG S.A. was established in the year 1930 previously as BMG Financeira S.A-Credito, Financiamento e Investimento before it changed its name in 1989.

Ricardo Annes Guimaraes is the current president of Banco BMG, a seat he has held since 2004. He also serves as the CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of the company. Mr. Ricardo is a man with vast experience in the financial market due to many years in the business. He started off as a Financial Executive Officer for the company in 1980 and served in the position until 1989.He after that became the Chief Executive Officer for the company before being chosen as the Vice President of the board of executive officers in 1996. In April 2008, Mr. Ricardo became the Director of Grupo BMG and were also on the Board of Councilors at Banco BMG.

In an interview about BMG, the CEO touched on various matters concerning the growth of the consigned credit market in Brazil. He stated that he took over as president of BMG at a time when everything was going in the right direction. The economy of Brazil was growing, and inflation was under control with the population experiencing better conditions. All this was very favorable for BMG in the credit market since people were in stable financial states and it was growing stable. The credit exposure in 2004 was about 23 percent of the GDP and grew to 47 percent in 2010. The consigned market accounted for a total of $6 billion which was approximately 20 percent of all personal credits in the country. As of December 2010, it had increased to $85 billion and accounted for 60 percent of all personal credits in the market.

Banco BMG attributes its continued rise in the financial market to a hardworking group of employees. To enable them to be always ahead of the competition, which is stiff with over 60 banks in contention, Banco BMG has the widest distribution channels in the national bank system. They have over fifty thousand agents across all municipalities in the country. This has ensured they maintain an R.O.E. of above 25 percent every year from 2004. It has also ensured they enjoy great access to international capital markets through their bond issues.

Mr. Guimaraes also took a time to explain the importance of the acquisition of GE money and other signature deals. He stated that BMG was always on the lookout for good opportunities to expand their client base and also to improve their services. On the use of sport to market the brand, the CEO made it clear that they were the biggest sponsor of football in Brazil and also had significant investments in basketball and motor championships. This has brought good results so far. BMG also had a project with a local television channel to promote youths in soccer and yielded a lot of successes.

November 11

George Soros the Business Magnate

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American business genius who chairs the Soros Fund Management firm. George is usually referred to as ‘The Man, Who Broke the Bank of England’ as a result of his short sale of pounds worth US$10 billion, which resulted in a $1 billion profit in 1992’s UK currency crisis. He is also known for running the Quantum Fund, which was generating an average annual return of over 30% when George Soros was at the helm. Not only is George a business magnate, but also a philanthropist. For more than three decades, he has prominently supported democratic causes and ideals all over the world. He runs a philanthropic organization known as the Open Society Foundations which is a network of projects, partners and foundations involved in supporting human rights and democracy in more than 100 countries. George Soros is committed to the idea of an open society where no individual has the monopoly on the truth, rights are respected, and the government is accountable. He gave up his day-to-day management of his hedge fund in the late 1980s and became a substantial philanthropist, donating large sums all over the world through his Open Society Foundation. In 1947, George fled Hungary to England where he joined the London School of Economics and graduated in 1952, and an investment bank in London gave him an entry-level position. George immigrated to the United States in 1956 where he held analyst and investment management positions at some firms in New York, which include: F.M Mayer from 1956 to 1959, Wertheim & Co. from 1959 to 1963, and Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder from 1963 to 1973. In 1973, George went off on his own and founded the hedge fund firm known as Soros Fund Management, which grew into the respected and well-known Quantum Fund. As mentioned earlier, George ran Quantum Fund into a successful and aggressive firm that racked up returns of over 30% annually and, on two occasions, the hedge fund posted annual returns of over 100%. In recent years, political activism has also been part of George’s life outside the business world. He lectured and written extensively on United States’ role in affairs of the entire world as well as issues related to education, political freedom, human rights, among others. George is an expert when it draws to translating broad-brush economic trends into bonds and currencies that are highly leveraged. As an investor, George was a short-term speculator who made huge bets on the direction of different financial markets. His belief was that financial markets can only be described as chaotic. According to him, the people determining the prices of securities and currencies often acted out based on their emotions, and not logical considerations. The Oxford University offered George an honorary degree and when asked how he wanted to be described he said he would like to be referred to as a financial, philosophical and philanthropic speculator. These is a proper summation of George’s life, in particular if one adds the adjectival phrase ‘very successful’ in that description.