July 31

Fresh Initiative To Take Brazilian Lawyers To UK

The initial trend of Brazilian Lawyers are going to going to London this month with an objective of working together with their UK colleagues under a fresh collaborative ingenuity between Bar Council, the Law Society, BPP Law School, Lex Anglo-Brasil and the Ordem Advogados do Brasil (OAB).

Together, they’ve established the new Brazilian British Lawyers Exchange Program for junior attorneys, which will start with the initial team of Brazilian attorneys in London from 17thof November to 12th of December to obtain important know-how of the lawful system in England as well as Wales. Attorneys from Brazilian law companies plus other organizations, like Banco do Brasil, will take part in a 4-week program that comprises of a brief, bespoke educational program at BPP Law School alongside appointments in solicitor’s companies as well as barrister’s chambers, supplemented by a sequence of legal conferences and social plus networking occasions.

Following spring, a team of barristers as well as solicitors will travel to Brazil to attend the program.

Bar Council chairman Nicholas lavender QC stated that the program has a two-way traffic format that is planned to help Brazilian and UK skilled attorneys in the initial phases of their profession in global corporate work. They will acquire a better knowledge of the way English plus Brazilian legal organizations work. It will facilitate them to form valuable acquaintances that will prove advantageous as UK-Brazil legal associations grow sturdier, reflecting enhanced business and venture between the 2 countries.

“Brazil is a country which the world wants to do business with, and the legal sector in England and Wales is a world leader. Closer working between the two markets will be of value not only to the program’s participants, but potentially for the future of legal services in both countries.” Bar Council Chairman Nicholas Lavender QC stated.

Law Society of England and Wales president Andrew Caplen stated that, there was an actual impetus for UK trading with Brazil and the Law Society is pleased to be involved. As a primary market, they are supporting their members by forming business in Brazil with visits, occasions alongside initiatives like this pioneering exchange program.

Ricardo Tosto
Ricardo Tosto is among the top entrepreneurs and noticeable policymakers in the Brazilian legal system. Everything began in a tiny premise, then he advanced to the highest skilled corporate litigation legal firms and soon achieved to start his own legal companies that are among the biggest and best in Brazil.

July 30

Qnet: A Multi-level Marketing Juggernaut

Qnet is a wholly owned subsidiary of QI. This consumer goods company was founded in
Hong Kong in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. From its headquarters in Hong Kong this multi-level marketing company sells a wide variety of products. Qnet markets products related to nutrition, weight management, personal care, energy, fashion accessories, luxury goods, and home care all over the planet. One of the keys to the success of Qnet is their website where their sales representatives and their clients can have access to their wide range of products at reasonable prices.

The company uses multi-level marketing and direct selling to get their products in the hands and hearts of millions of customers worldwide. What has also helped them to succeed is their ability to help their independent representatives to feel like small business owners. The sales reps promote the Qnet products to consumers and get a percentage of all sales. This gives them a great incentive to go out and introduce as many people to the Qnet products as possible. Sales reps that are able to encourage others to sell Qnet products get a percentage of their sales as well.

The company has offices and millions of sales representatives in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. Qnet sales representatives are also present in Rwanda, Egypt, Sudan, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Côte d’Ivoire, Iran, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Syria. What has helped the company to grow is unemployment is high in many of those countries and Qnet offers many people opportunities to feed their families and improve the quality of their lives. That has made many people fiercely loyal to the company.

The company has enjoyed near meteoritic rise since its founding in 1998. It has also gone through a number of name and product changes. Initially called GoldQuest because it made and marketed custom-commissioned numismatic coins, by 2000 the company began offering travel and vacation products. In 2005 they began offering telecommunications products and by the next year expanded to include watches, health, nutrition, and energy products. Later that same year they began marketing holidays at the company’s newly acquired property Prana Resorts and Spa and by 2007 they were offering organic health products as well.

From 2007 until 2012, the company’s direct sales saw a 70% increase. The company is growing by leaps and bounds. For many people in the markets Qnet, written about by MCFC.com, services the company represents one of the few options people have in terms of gaining access to the products needed for everyday life. Plus Qnet is also their best employment option as well. This dual role Qnet plays has helped to make them one of the most popular companies throughout all Asia.

July 28

Brad Reifler Reaches Out To The 99%

Have you heard of the 99% so often referred to in the media? This group is defined as those who have less money than the top 1% in the country. They obviously make up the vast majority of the public but are often overlooked by some of the top investment programs in the country. Since so much of the money is concentrated at the top 1% level, most firms have focused their attention there. Brad Reifler is looking to change that.

Reuters writes that in the past his programs took on clients with an annual income of $200,000 or greater and a net worth of $1 million or more. That is no longer the case. Now, Reifler looks to expand his horizons and offer investment plans for those make more modest salaries and have fewer dollars in the bank.

Reifler is concerned with the way that the income gap has had an impact on his fellow Americans. He sees everyday people falling behind and getting deeper into debt and he wants to help them. Investing is a big part of getting ahead financially. He wants people to start as early as possible because the earlier one starts, the more time they have to build up their capital.

Investment firms such as Brad Reifler’s ForeFront Capital are not often as bold as to offer these investment plans out to the public at large like this very often. It is truly something special when they put in the time, effort, and dedication to do something great for people like this. It is worth noting that simply for the fact that the public should be grateful for the opportunity and perhaps look to invest.

July 24

How Joseph Bismark is Bringing Spirituality to Business


I’m a big fan of the Just Judy And Her Dog blog. There’s a lot of reasons for this. But one of the biggest is that there’s such a wide variety of topics. For example, the Just Judy And Her Dog blog recently covered Joseph Bismark’s unique way of relating to the business world. 

Bismark serves on the Board of Directors for QI Group. But I quickly learned why that’s so remarkable. It turns out that he actually spent a big chunk of his formative years learning to be a monk. He spent eight years living in a monastery and learning various spiritual practices and outlooks. When he was seventeen he decided to bring what he’d learned to the world of business. And his unique viewpoint and leadership skills quickly pushed him to the top. In 2008 he became the Managing Director of the QI Group. 

I was equally impressed when I saw that he founded something called the RHYTHM foundation. It’s purpose is to ensure ethical behavior within the business world. And that’s the biggest point that I kept thinking back to while reading the article. It continued to show that Bismark is able to get great results by retaining an element of peace and spirituality. 

Another point which the blog stressed and which I found impressive is the extent to which he treats other people with respect. The business world is often far too severe when it comes to labeling people. Instead of seeing each other as fellow human beings, it can be easy to instead see someone’s worth as synonymous with their job title. I quickly learned that Bismark sees everyone as worthy of respect. And it seems that’s one of the biggest reasons for his success. I found it easy to see why people would take to him so quickly. And that also made it clear why he’d be such an effective leader. His spiritual life seems to be about building people up and helping them be happy and fulfilled. Those are the kinds of people who can continually give their all within any given profession. In the end I think it’s easy to see that Joseph Bismark is bringing something unique and valuable to the business world.

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July 23

Long Overdue Development in Atlantic City Spearheaded by Boraie

A state like New Jersey, with its every lengthy coastline, close proximity to Manhattan, and thriving business climate, should ostensibly not have any unused parcels of land, yet they do. According to Press of Atlantic City, there is a developer, however, who is seeing opportunity where neglect and blight now reside. Boriae Development is attempting to develop an area in Atlantic City that has been totally overlooked for over 50 years, the subject of many failed plans. Atlantic City has been an entertainment and gambling oceanfront mecca for years, and for a long time it was the only place where one could find Vegas-caliber gaming and shows. It hardly makes sense that before Connecticut allowed its Indian-reservation casinos to open, that any parcels of land sat unused in what could very well have been a perfectly thriving area. 

In walks Pauline Hill, the subject of much ire in this area. In the 1960s, this Atlantic City housing director leveled an entire neighborhood, which displaced thousands of people, to set aside an area for commercial development. The land was razed in preparation for interest, that although it came, would never materialize. This area, referred to as the South Inlet, never really saw the development that Ms. Hill thought would happen. Boraie Development is interested in developing this site, only blocks from the famed Atlantic City boardwalk and the Taj Mahal casino, which has engendered a sense of cautious optimism amongst those familiar with this area. Residents and proprietors alike would very much like to see such a project come to fruition, but they are also bitter from years of staring at empty lots where redevelopment was purportedly supposed to happen several times.The area in question, riddled with low-rise housing complexes and empty lots, could well become a thriving area if Boraie Development continues to clear hurdles, but much remains to be seen. In recent years, Atlantic City has lost several casinos, and thereby jobs. In fact, from August to September of 2014, this area lost 3 casinos. Revenue losses continue to plague the casino industry as competition in the tri-state area continues to attract the once-faithful clientele. Boraie Development is a very successful development company who were given partial credit for the revitalization of New Brunswick, and they do not arbitrarily build where it would seem residents will be scarce. The plan is for this project, called The Beach at South Inlet, to revitalize this area that desperately needs it, and to change this languishing landscape. Through this redevelopment, residential and commercial tenants will breathe life into the South Inlet, and will result in an expanded tax base for this unreasonably forlorn area, and that which is acutely in need of such. The hope is that the old adage “if you build it, they will come,” rings true here. There is little reason why it should not, especially if the seemingly clairvoyant Boraie Development heads up this project that is long overdue.

July 23

Smart Ways to Finance Your Small Business

You might be wondering how to source capital to start that small business idea you have. You might have seen some of the investment opportunities by Igor Cornelsen and now have plans of expending your small business to increase productivity. The following are some smart methods you can implement to realize your dream.

Invitation of Angel Investor
This is the incorporation of a friendly business mogul in your small enterprise. The business magnates pump in money into your investment expecting a certain percentage return of their investment. This method of financing is very beneficial since the lending entrepreneurs also invest their valuable knowledge in your business. This is because they also want to follow up their money to prevent it from going into waste. Most angel investors unlike venture capitalists are normally determined to elevate a business or an individual but not much for profit purposes.

Credit Cards
For small amounts of money, you can always get an overdraft from your credit card. The good thing with taking credit card overdrafts is that the interest rate is quite lower than the normal loans.

You can benefit from grants if your business or your business proposal is scientific or research-oriented. This is normally a part of government initiative to encourage innovative ventures to improve science and technology. Individuals or groups are funded to start companies and to finance the innovative ventures after meeting all the necessary requirements.

Crowd Funding
This is an online method of pooling several investments together to start a common project. The Crowd Funding sites advertise the venture and invite all interested investors. The various investments contribute their shares online to be part of the new venture. Existing enterprises may also give up a percentage of their shares to get funding from the interested investors.

Incorporation of Venture Capitalists
One can also get funding to expand an enterprise to greater heights by seeking the hand of a venture capitalist. Venture capitalists are business magnates who have a nose for potential goldmines. They can invest incredible amounts of money in a small venture once they evaluate it and find it to be promising. In return, they normally ask for shares in the business or high rates of repaying the loan.

Renting, Leasing or Converting Valuable Assets
Entrepreneurs can also opt to rent out or lease their palatial homes or their sleek cars to get capital to start or expand promising businesses. In the meanwhile, they can use other cheaper means to survive before they return again with a bang when the venture peaks.

July 17

The Connection Between Head Injuries and Mental Health

While head injuries, particularly concussions received while playing football, have received a lot of attention in the media recently, the field of psychiatry is just beginning to understand the connection between these types of injuries and mental health. The following information describes the increase in serious head injuries, how these injuries can affect mental health, and the strides psychiatric professionals are making in this field of study.

The Prevalence of Concussions and Other Head Injuries
The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has stated that up to 3.8 million concussions related to sports injuries occur each year in the United States. Whether it’s automobile accidents, war related head injuries, or concussions received while participating in athletics, there is evidence that head injuries can lead to an increase in mental health disorders.

Mental Health Disorders Associated With Head Injury
There is increasing scientific evidence linking concussions with a variety of mental health disorders including schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder. Danish scientists have found that head injuries can increase mental disorders up to 439 percent. Some studies have linked former concussions with a higher risk of severe depression. Where and how an individual is hit in the head may have some bearing on how the injury affects his or her mental health. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that controls judgment, organization, planning, and impulse control. The temporal lobes control mood and memory. The cerebellum regulates coordination and thought coordination.

How Head Injuries Can Affect Psychiatric Health
Doctors have discovered that concussions can affect how neurotransmitters in the brain communicate between different parts of the nervous system. This disrupted balance is thought to be the reason certain mental disorders develop. The first year after suffering a head injury is when there is the greatest risk of developing a mental disorder. Even after 15 years have passed, however, there is still significant risk.

Psychiatric Research Regarding Head Injuries
Dr. Daniel Amen is a lead researcher with the world’s largest brain rehabilitation and imaging study on professional football players. Because of his extensive research, the field of medicine and psychiatry is better able to understand the high levels of brain damage that has occurred in players. The good news in the field of psychiatry and brain injury is that some of those who have been injured this way may be able to be rehabilitated. Dr. Amen had several individuals on a brain healthy program that included mental exercises and nutritional supplements. After several months on the brain rehabilitation program, SPECT scans showed dramatic brain improvement in a variety of areas.

July 15

Mikal Watts Is Helping Farmers Recoup Money for 2013-2014 Growing Seasons

According to a new PRNewswire.com story, Mikal Watts is making news for the recent lawsuit suing Swiss seed producer Syngenta. The company apparently sold a genetically modified corn seed during the 2013-2014 growing season and China refused to import the product. The problem is that more than 20% of all corn that is grown in the states is exported to other countries. The corn industry suffered billions of dollars in losses when China refused their shipments due to the genetically modified corn. The farmers who grew this corn are the ones who suffered. With much product and no buyers, they were forced to sell for rock bottom prices to get rid of it. The farming industry took a big hit and someone needs to pay.

The company, Syngenta, is responsible for about three percent of the crops during the periods in question. The fact that China refused to accept these bushels caused major financial woes to hundreds of thousand hard working farmers. This also caused the price of corn to drop drastically because the supply was great and had to be moved. More farmers are joining in on the lawsuit being filed by Watts Guerra, a San Antonio firm. This firm has extensive experience in agriculture matters and Mikal Watts is the one leading the pack. With their ability to deal with these types of cases, a favorable outcome is expected. Still, proving the amount of damage that has been done may be difficult even for a seasoned team.

There are farmers from more than 20 states presently in the suit. Watts is highly qualified to handle this matter. He began his law career as an attorney working for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Texas to the Honorable Thomas R. Phillips. This will be an interesting case to watch. With so many companies trying to inject growth hormones to produce bigger and better products, this may be the case that teaches them a lesson.

July 15

Identifying an Investment Opportunity

Investment is the allocation of funds with the principle objective of boosting the income or achieving financial growth. It can be lending of money to get interests or purchasing of insurance plans or even shares with a particular company. Financial expert Igor Cornelsen has noted that you need to understand is that it does not pay back instantly but rather involves waiting for the rewards in future. Therefore, as an investor you are sacrificing or committing your funds for future benefits. But the future is uncertain; therefore you need to make wise and bold steps that can guarantee you the expected returns. The higher the risk, the higher the possible returns. For instance, government securities have low risks and so are their returns while Equity shares have higher risks involved but the returns are worth the hustle. The safety of your money is also very important. Every investor expects to get their returns without delays or losses. You need to have confidence in whatever investment you are about to make, and the only way of gaining confidence is understanding the possible risks and outcomes of your decisions. Another important factor is your ability to bare the risks. People with high income are generally assumed to have a high capacity to bear risks. Identifying the proper investment opportunity needs proper analysis of the available avenues. The most common ones today are; property investment, equity shares, premium bonds and Life Insurance Policies among others.

Owning a property or running an investment might be a very daunting task for a first-time investor. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to identify an investment opportunity and make sure you land on the proper deals with favorable bargains. The actual returns received may vary from the expected returns. The first factor to consider is the location, especially for property investment like rental houses or land. You identify an area with a high population growth rate and reliable infrastructure. Most important tip: You should never buy a property because you anticipate the values will appreciate in future. That might as well be a trap. As a matter of fact, you need to find an average deal. That means the amount of funds you allocate for the purpose should be worth and relative to alternative deals. You must have the ability to finance the investment. It’s not wise to start an investment that you will need additional loans to finance. If you have enough funds, you can diversify your investments to control the risks. You should never buy everything at once. As a wise investor, buying in stages can be helpful. When buying a stock or equity shares, first research on everything you need to know about the company. The final stage of any investment is understanding your picks. You should be able to explain to yourself why you made the choice.

July 2

UFC Fighters Hate The “Reebok Kit”

The UFC has had one terrible week, and it seems that things are only getting worse. So far, Jose Aldo revealed that he is pulling out of the main event of UFC 189, and it also appears that the Reebok promotional deal is a complete disaster. For those of you that don’t know, Reebok is now the lead sponsor of the UFC, and that has angered the fighters for many months. According to Handy, Reebok recently revealed their UFC fighter gear, and it seems that many of the fighters names were misspelled.

Yahoo Sports recently published a detailed article about this story, and a complete list of all the misspelled UFC fighter names can be found there. However, it seems that the quality of clothing has angered the fighters as well, and the UFC Jersey’s will cost fans $100. The UFC is trying to make as much money as possible, and Dana White did say that he wants to make his company similar to the NFL. Dana had a great idea with his fighter jerseys, but they are very expensive for the average console. Furthermore, not every fighter on the roster has a UFC Jersey, but that will most likely change in the near future.