September 3

Alexei Beltyukov’s Angel Funding

There is no denying that entrepreneurs need sources of fund. But a source that is a relentless cycle of borrowing, paying interest, then borrowing more is pretty expensive. The reality is most entrepreneurs are new to their business. Everything else for them is a need and their need list can grow bigger with time. It is the way new businesses are created. Every time they come to existence, there is a rush to find any possible source. They quickly start taking loans. Acquiring new loans make the business root itself to the ground – but only temporarily. What they need is a reliable source of fund where they don’t have to worry much about paying back immediately. Alexei Beltyukov, a Russian entrepreneur found such a funding company called A-Ventures Management which provides financial assistance to Russian entrepreneurs. The angel funding firm Endemic Capital was started in 2013 as well. Alexei is also a well-known philanthropist according to his business colleagues and partners.

Alexei called the process of obtaining financial assistance to start a new venture a pleasant approach. After experiencing himself the difficulty of funding his company, he quickly attracted many angel investors to his new venture to help others. The good thing was that he was able to get what he wanted. He didn’t have to give up his passion for new businesses when he set out to help other people in similar situations. Instead, he went on to become President, Vice President and manager of many firms in various sectors. Alexei is also the founder of a Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD. This fund provides assistance to low income students planning to study at INSEAD university. Alexei has worked with Russian Government in providing economic support and guidance. He is the Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation he founded in early 2000.

Given the huge number of services, the constantly provided deals and the varying pattern of use, there is no one financial package that is right for every business. His company provides and grants for Russian technology start-ups as well. There are funds affiliated with various angel investors that give the entrepreneurs an opportunity to think about running their venture rather than money. By offering substantial credit limits, the funds are for encouraging them not to pile up debt from banks but concentrate on their service to customers.

Make use of this fund in the right way and you can make your business successful. Understand how they play a major role in your life and stay vigilant to get the best deals. Here, you will be investing relatively little time to procure the fund. Not an entrepreneur but planning to expand your business? No problem. Alexei Beltyukov’s company also funds those who want to spread across Russia. There are over a dozen type of funds out there with this company that offer everything from funds to open a store to extra payments for building mortgage. So, if you are an entrepreneur, check out the Alexei Beltyukov’s official website for more details.

September 2

Investment Banking Firm – A Margin of Safety

Most recessions happen gradually with the passing of time. When it happens, it feels cold as if a slight pall of gloom is going to bury everyone alive. People feel more depressed than usual. Pessimism runs deeper than season or weather. When recession comes into place, stock market keeps hitting bear-market lows. Companies start laying off workers at a rate that is dismaying. You will hear announcement on the radio, TV and newspapers, ads and everywhere. People start becoming worried about their jobs and retirement savings. More people than ever start seeking financial advice. You will hear many heartbreaking stories about someone losing their homes, small businesses going belly up, people struggling to get by, college graduates roaming around with no job and buried in student loans.

For an individual experiencing a recession, bills lay unpaid, normal lifestyle is no more and it seems like end is near. It is like listening to a reading of a novel, except that it is all true. What you need at this point is a reliable investment banking firm that would tend to your needs and get rid of the fear.

We all know that managing money and making profit takes time and effort. It is easy to get lost in finance when there are retirement and life insurance policies to deal with. It is a struggle when you have to figure out whether to invest in traditional IRA or Roth IRA. It’s hard to resist the temptation of stock markets, when it seems like everyone else is making money. It is also hard to avoid fear when recession takes place and unemployment rate surges. Yet a good investment banking firm will actually show you how to make smart choice. Their advice is an investment phenomenon. It is like learning a sport without actually gaining the knowledge of that sport but learning important things like perseverance, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Investment banking companies will make you learn far more important things when it comes to investment. With it, you will gain knowledge about how to make sound investment for the future. They will teach a number of critical money making topics, such as stocks, savings and much else. Managing personal finance through these firms is really about following safe investment strategies, figuring out the way to really cherish and value the type of investment you are making and leading a good financial life. That’s the spirit and purpose of investment banking firms.

About James Dondero

James Dondero of is the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM). He has more than 30 years of experience in equity and credit markets. His firm Highland Capital Management has been a popular name in the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. Based in Dallas, this firm plays a major role in developing credit oriented solutions for retail as well as institutional investors around the globe. Other services provided by this firm include stocks, bonds, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, CLOs, private equity funds and institutional separate accounts.

August 28

For Businesswomen – Identifying a Target Market

Many businesswomen out there want to start on their own after having worked for many years in business field. The problem is, they don’t know how. If you are a businesswoman and willing to make the commitment to start your own business, here are some tips and ideas that are needed to make a go of it.

As you may have noted, many businesswomen run a business that is a spin-off of what they did previously. For example, Susan McGalla, who worked for American Outfitters went on to become the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She chose a field that was familiar to her previous career. Some women who are looking for a change do not want to take this route. The last thing they want to do is to work the same thing where they were employed before. For them, starting a new business will not be easy.

With that in mind, let us look at some of the factors that need attention when you are a woman of the former type. Since you are already familiar with the working of the business, the next step is to see whether your skills match the tasks that were not delegated to you before. Determine if it is reasonable to hire additional expertise to complement your skill sets. You have a list of mistakes that were done in your previous career, it is time to avoid those mistakes and list what really works.

For women, marketing a business should arguably be the most important task. There are many hurdles to pass, including the skeptical eyes of potential clients. The more information, products and services you have, the better you will be able to answer the key questions of these clients. How do your business differ from a similar business next door? How is your business going to be an advantage for customers? How latest your trends are compared to that of competitors? These are the questions that need immediate answers. Uniqueness is important when you are selling something. This does not necessarily mean you are providing a product or service that no one else provides. It can mean no one else is providing the way you do in terms of customer support, warranty, price and other features. Remember, as a woman, you are looking for some way to make your business standout from the rest – including your previous employer.

Presumably, at this point, you already have the skill sets to run the business successfully. In addition, you are ready to match your skills set with needs that were unmet elsewhere. If not, you may want to take some time reviewing this matter and assess the needs of your particular market. A needs analysis will describe your perception of your target customers. How can you improve the already established customer loyalty. Are there good reasons for unmet demands? Are trends emerging in your favor? How will your competitors help or hurt your chances to succeed? These are other things to ponder about.

August 25

The Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic World of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a product of Teaneck, New Jersey and is now a Los Angeles based philanthropist, author and entrepreneur. He has become one of the most recognized and successful entrepreneurs in enterprise technology and government. He is a 1988 magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University where he was a contributing editor to the Harvard Crimson. While at Harvard University he studied American Literature and English.

He was involved with technology at a young age and began programming computers in fourth grade. He started a database company in high school, setting him upon the entrepreneurial path from which he has never wavered. His passion for technology has never founded and embraces the benefits of technology and the way it benefits industries, government and economics. He firmly believes technology and its responsible will always put greater efficiency into the workings of the world for the benefit of all.

In 1991, Eric Pulier made the move to Los Angeles and started a company named People Doing Things (PDT). His company addressed education and healthcare issues, among other issues, through the use of technology. In 1994, he was the founding father of the Digital Evolution, an interactive digital entity. The company later merged with US Interactive, LLC. He also was the leading force behind Starbright World (SW). Starbright World is a private social network for chronically ill children and gives them a vehicle to chat, blog, meet others and post content with others who share similar experiences.

He was called upon, in 1997, by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create and execute a Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D. C. called the Bridge to the 21st Century. After the exhibition’s success, he was asked by Vice President Al Gore to participate in the Vice President’s technology and health care forum to advise on technology and health care issues.

Eric Pulier founded or co-founded more than fifteen companies and managed to raise more than 500 million dollars for these initiatives. His most recent effort is ServiceMesh, Inc., a comprehensive platform for the model commonly called cloud computing. It is a fast growing company operating in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. He is also the author of Service Oriented Architecture, as well as a much sought after public speaker, especially at technology conferences held worldwide. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

His philanthropic endeavors include seats on the board of directors of the X-Prize Foundation which sponsors competitions with the goal of solving humanities greatest challenges and The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic illnesses. He believes in giving back to his community and help to strengthen the ties that bind the neighborhood together. His philanthropic work allows him to make this connection while offering others a helping hand when necessary.

August 22

The Shining Star of Financial Services is Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a man with a mission to help the small and large to companies to increase their success through the services of Professional Employee Organization.
He presently holds the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept since June 2011 and CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services since June 1999. These are his latest successful accomplishments added to his outstanding resume. Brian Bonar is a well known CEO in the finance world.

Dalrada Financial Services are a professional Financial Firm that will assist your business with payment of your business taxes. Meeting the timeline and compliance with local, state and federal government laws, regarding payment of payroll taxes can sneak up on you at the last minute.
Brian will sit down with the business owner and discuss the areas that he wants or needs solutions to specific problems. Brian has a history of tackling any problem by finding the cause and designing a solution just for your business purposes because all businesses are different.
Dalrada Financial offers the capital to help keeps your business operating smoothly. The company will design a structure that will protect your personal assets and allow you to run your business without the worry.

The PEO and the business client have a co-employment or joint employment contract. The contract outlines which employees will be hired by the PEO Financial team. The PEO becomes their employer for insurance and tax purposes. The PEO still depends on your business input while working for your company.

Brian has experience in sales, marketing, insurance negotiations and employee benefit packages. The PEO team can design a program to increase the sales or services of your business. The finance team can assist with the Human Resource administrative duties and make new policies, procedures and training guidelines. All of these areas of your business will be taken care of by Brian Bonar and the Dalrada Financial team.
Brian Bonar has the experience in hiring the professionals to work for the Dalrada Financial Service company to make your business a glowing success.

August 21

The Houston Real Estate Market has written that there are few housing markets in the country that are as hot as Houston right now. Houston has many things going for it that make it attractive to people moving in to the city. There are several ways in which housing market demand can be measured. One of the best measures is the average time a home takes to sell. Although there are going to be data points on the extremes of both sides, this is a great measure overall for anyone looking to gauge how strong a market really is. Another important measure is the average percentage of the list price that a home sold for. In really hot real estate markets, this ratio can be over one hundred percent. In the Houston area, both of these signals point to a very hot real estate market. There are many homes in Houston that sell within a couple of days of hitting the market for over asking price. Here are some other reasons that Houston is such a hot real estate market.

The state of Texas does not have an income tax, but the property taxes are extremely high. A lot of this money goes to the school systems in the state, and this is why they are so highly rated on a national scale. The school systems in Houston are some of the best in the state. This makes the area much more attractive to young people with children that are concerned about their child’s education. There are few things that are a bigger boost to housing values in an area than a good school system.

Another reason that Houston is a booming real estate market is investors like Haidar Barbouti. Haidar Barbouti had a dream to build one of the largest commercial buildings in the state of Texas. With the Highlands Village, this dream was realized. Not only does it bring a lot of good jobs in to the area, but it also keeps a lot of money circulating within the Houston economy. This is important for the long term growth of the city from a population and financial perspective

There are many people that believe the growth in the Houston real estate market is only the beginning. There are many market signals pointing to the fact that the Houston real estate market is poised for long term growth. With a growing economy and population base, there is no limit on how fast this real estate market can grow. Throw in the fact that it has a lot of strong investors like Haidar Barbouti, and it is easy to see why the area is growing so fast.

Overall, the Houston real estate market is one of the best in the country in terms of growth and price appreciation. There are many positives about the market that make it attractive to home buyers and young families looking for a places to raise a family.

August 21

The Structure Of A Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia has become a highly reputable source of information in the internet world. Each article has something new to offer you as the reader. For those who are writers, there is a specific format that Wikipedia articles follow. This keeps them uniform to some extent and keeps them easily readable.

Like any news article, to make a wiki page you must start with an introduction that includes a good lead into the topic. Think of this section almost as a brief summary of what is to come in the following paragraphs. This introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention and make them interested in the discussed topic. This ensures they will see what else this specific page has to offer.

Center Paragraphs
After the introduction has been completed, the main body of the Wikipedia article should be written. This should be done in a series of concise and well organized paragraphs. Wikipedia viewers are often there to look quickly for information. Because of this, each paragraph should be short and easy to read. All ideas should be well explained and writers should stay on topic. Think about how many other Wikipedia pages there are out there. Lengthy side explanations are not necessary.

A heading is necessary because it gives a brief description of what lies ahead. Also, with the way Wikipedia works, the headings will become part of the table of contents that is located towards the top of the article. When formatting the piece, headings on Wikipedia are never linked to other pages. The title of a Wikipedia page is the first heading. Therefore the next heading you use in your actual text space is going to be heading number two.

Sometimes Wikipedia articles will use photos, images or graphs to drive a point home. This is acceptable but they should be placed within the article appropriately. Each image should be placed directly near the text that it focuses on and the image should be of a high quality. Appropriate credit should be given to the source of the image.

Because Wikipedia is designed to be a quick source of information, text should be kept to a concise length. Wikipedia recommends that the text be kept to fifty KB of space. This may take some editing at times or an article can be broken up into two separate topics. Lengthy articles will likely be overlooked and should be avoided at all costs.

August 20

Biggest Benefits of Working With Qnet

Qnet is a company that has grown miraculously in the past few years. All the credit for this astounding success goes to the employees and leaders of Qnet. The company uses such innovative methodologies that working with Qnet is a perk in itself. First of all, they care about employee education and training. Secondly, the company spends time trying to be innovative. Also, Qnet has a lot to teach budding entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Here is a detailed description of the benefits of working with Qnet –

Employee Training and Education Is Paramount – Qnet believes that employees who are constantly learning and growing are the only employees that continue to love working in an organization. Qnet wants its employees to be the best and, as such, they are constantly training and educating their employees. The company has the best professionals in the industry because of this focus on the most important resource available to it – its people. It has been commented on by experts that organizations that focus on the betterment of this employees enjoy success in the long term. As a general rule, every person wants to work in a company that makes them better.

Leaders Use Innovative Leadership Practices – Qnet is known in the industry for its innovative approach to leadership and management. The company’s practices focus on good communication between managers and employees. Qnet’s leaders also use appropriate body language when they are offering constructive criticism for the betterment of their employees. Constant team bonding sessions ensure that the members of the company are in sync with each other and this, in turn, leads to a better working environment. The leadership approach of Qnet also centers around a rewarding methodology instead of a punishing one. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

Great Practice For Young Entrepreneurs – Young entrepreneurs are always advised to get some practical experience before they venture on their own journey. A lot of young entrepreneurs get out of college and with their degrees in hand, hoping to create a successful company. A better way to go about this is by understanding that theoretical education is quite different from practical knowledge. The real corporate world is based on the application of those theoretical concepts. Working in an organization like Qnet that focuses on honing young entrepreneurs and preparing them for the corporate world ahead can be exactly the practice that they need.

Qnet is a company that values good work. As such employees who work well are rewarded handsomely in Qnet because the company also believes in good motivational practices. The company has introduced a variety of products that have helped their consumers and representatives in the past and continues to do so.

August 20

The Successful Career of Dan Newlin as a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer offers legal representation to anyone who has suffered injury caused by a company, another person and negligence by a medical practitioner or an agency. An individual can suffer psychological or physical damages owing to injury and accidents. Such people are called personal injury victims and are entitled to a financial compensation for the damages caused.

To become a personal injury attorney one requires to train from a recognized law school. Once you complete law school, you undertake three main exams. These bar examinations are the Multi state Bar Examination, the Multi state Essay Examination and the Multi state Professional Responsibility Exam. After being admitted to the bar, attorneys are required keep abreast with the emerging legal and non-legal developments in their areas of specialization. From time to time, they take Continuing Legal Education courses with the view to remaining relevant with the legal practice and serve the public better. Dan Newlin was also discussed by

When handling clients, a personal injury attorney is supposed to have high ethical and moral standards. Aside from being well learned, they should exercise client confidentiality and protect their client’s images through accurate representation of facts. According to the code of conduct, lawyers should show competence and evaluate all legal matters. In addition, they are expected to give sound advice to their clients without the view of exploiting them.
Dan Newlin is an attorney who started his career as a fire fighter and law enforcement officer for the New Chicago, Indiana Police and Fire Department. He moved on to serve in the Orange County Sheriff’s office for a period of ten years. In 1997, he joined the Florida State College of Law where he undertook a degree in law. He is licensed to practice law in Chicago and Illinois. While working in the enforcement department, Newlin recorded success in different undertakings and was recognized for his efforts to enhance public safety.

To make it easier for clients to contact him, Dan teamed with telecommunications companies like T- Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to personalize his office contact number. He chose the hash tag #Dan as his law firm’s number. The number is accessible to residents of Central Florida, South Florida and the Greater Chicago area. His team focuses on auto accidents, personal injuries, motor cycle accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, truck accidents and all injury cases. His law firm gives free consultation to all clients.
Dan interviews clients, evaluates their cases and does research on such cases. He provides advisory services to his clients on the various measures that should be taken before filing a complaint, drafting the required documents and then presenting such petitions to the court. In some cases, he prefers out of the court settlements, which are faster and convenient to both parties in a case.

August 19

Eric Pulier Leads a Corporation that Helps a Variety of Industries

The Computer Sciences Corporation is a large corporation and one that looks out for a variety of industries. This corporation is not only there for a single industry, but it is there for a wide variety of them and it helps every one. There is much to be gained by those who choose to work with the Computer Sciences Corporation, and there is much that can come about when this corporation is helping out. The industries that seek help from the Computer Sciences Corporation are helped in a way that is unique to them, and they receive the kind of care that they need.

The Computer Sciences Corporation is available for the government based industries that need help, and they are also there for the banking industry, the automotive industry, and more. They offer the technological help that other industries need, supplying them with the care that is right for them. They are there to help out, and they are not afraid to help out in a variety of ways with a variety of issues. The Computer Sciences Corporation does not limit itself to just one industry, and because of that it can grow. This corporation has the opportunity to become huge, simply because it is open to helping a variety of industries out in all of the ways that they need help.

Eric Pulier leads the Computer Sciences Corporation as it helps out, and he knows just what the corporation needs to do in order to bring about success. Thanks to the help that Eric Pulier offers, a variety of industries are getting the technological help that they need through the Computer Sciences Corporation. Eric Pulier knows how to be a great leader and he knows how to lead a corporation to success. He is a CEO who is truly making a difference and doing what he needs to do. He even has an XPrize Profile.