January 30

Who Is Dr. Rod Rohrich: Find Out Here


Dr. Rod Rohrich is a very successful plastic surgeon, and he has contributed a lot to plastic surgery. Below is more information about the doctor’s work life, awards and more.

Professional Life
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas is where Dr. Rohrich is currently a professor, as well as chairman of the university’s department of plastic surgery. The doctor also is the editor in chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich attended North Dakota State University, as well as the University of North Dakota. He also attended the Baylor College of Medicine, where he received his medical degree. Dr. Rohrich graduated with high honors, and he completed both surgery and general surgery residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center, and after completing the residencies, he attended Oxford University in England, where he trained in pediatric plastic surgery.

Awards And Recognition
Dr. Rohrich has received a number of praise from award-winning publications, such as D Magazine, which named him one of the best plastic surgeons in the city of Dallas. Not only that, but other publications such as America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, U.S. News & World Report, as well as Texas Monthly Super Docs.

Authored Items
Dr. Rohrich has authored many articles and textbooks that relate to plastic surgery. More than 600 peer reviewed articles has been authored by Dr. Rohrich, and he co-authored the patient oriented guide titled ” Navigate Your Beauty.”

The doctor has contributed a lot to the field of plastic surgery, including being involved in a number of organizations that promote resident education, as well as regulate and advance plastic surgery. These are just a few of the many contributions.

It is no secret why Dr. Rohrich is very successful, as he cares about what he does and has a passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

January 24

Beneful, The Best Food For My Dog

As a dog parent, I have done a lot of research about the best food to feed my dog. Since my dog is now in his senior years it is important to me to keep him healthy and active for as long as possible. When he had some teeth removed last year, he found it difficult to eat dry food, so I started looking around for a wet food that is nutritious and would appeal to his taste buds, since he is a very finicky eater. My search led me to Beneful.

I was very happy to see so many varieties. The Beneful Chopped Blends and Prepared Meals look very tasty and I love the colorful packaging. And, they contain real, healthy ingredients. The Roasted Chicken Recipe has real chicken, pasta, carrots, and spinach. The Roasted Turkey Medley reminded me of Thanksgiving dinner! The ingredients include real turkey, corn, wild rice, and peas and barley. I feel like I’m serving my dog a gourmet meal!

While I mainly feed him wet food, I do keep a bowl of dry food out just in case he wants a little snack. Beneful has a variety of dry food choices. Since my small dog does have a little trouble chewing, IncrediBites is perfect for him. The easy to chew mini bites contain beef, wholesome grains like rice, and bits of vegetables. He also enjoys Healthy Fiesta with chicken, grains, and avocado, and more information no that variety can be found on Wikipedia.

Along with his daily meal, I do provide treats for my little guy, usually after we’ve come back from a walk. Beneful has a nice variety of treats such as Baked Delight Hugs and Snackers. I love that the Snackers are in the shapes of vegetables like peas and carrots. The soft centers are made with peanut butter and cheese. My dog really loves them.

I’m so happy I found a dog food brand that makes such a great variety of food and snacks that are healthy and nutritious. My dog has often refused to eat, but when he hears me snap the lid off the Beneful container he comes running. I would recommend Beneful to anyone who cares about feeding their pet real, wholesome ingredients.

January 23

Jared Haftel Has Already Made a Difference

Jared Haftel is an investment banker and student at Stanford University. Haftel is currently pursing a masters degree in business administration in order to help advance his career in the investment banking field. While he is looking to further his education, he already has accomplished a lot during his career. Over the last few years, he has held positions at some of the most prestigious investment banks. He has also studied at one of the top universities in the nation and as a result, Haftel has gotten a solid education along with some very good experience. This has therefore made him among the top professionals in the industry.

Haftel first began his studies at Duke University where he studied economics, mathematics and science. These three subjects helped him get the theoretical foundation necessary to maximize his potential success in investment banking. With degrees in economics, mathematics and science, Haftel has gotten lots of key knowledge that helps him excel as an investment bankers. It also made him more marketable to firms as his knowledge indicates a very good understanding of the economy, various industries and also the quantitative abilities to succeed in the occupation.

During his undergraduate studies, Haftel got some practical experience in the investment banking field. He had an internship at the firm Credit Suisse where he was an analyst. As an analyst he was responsible for researching and putting together comparisons to help the firm determine what deals will be the most profitable. This experience has helped him become an even more desirable job candidate once he graduated from Duke University. After completing his internship, he then took the next step which was to start his full time career in investment banking.

Once Haftel completed his studies at Duke University and completed his internship at Credit Suisse, he began his career in investment banking. He started out as an analyst for the firm Merrill Lynch. There he helped analyze deals in a number of important industries such as defense, aerospace, chemicals and mining. With this experience he helped find deals that would benefit the firm as well as helping shape the overall economy. After his stint at Merrill Lynch, Haftel then began working at the firm Bank of America as an investment banker and then Vector Capital as an associate. With all of this experience, he has a considerable track record of success in the investment banking field. However he is looking to take the next step which is to improve on his current knowledge by getting a masters degree in business administration.

While Haftel has accumulated a lot of experience and quality education, he is looking to expand on it. The first step he is taking is to attend Stanford University and get a graduate degree in business. This degree will help him acquire even more knowledge and expertise along with making him a more in demand candidate for other investment banking jobs. With this degree he will be looking to get into senior management positions in investment banking such as Vice President and even Managing Director. Once he gets his MBA, Haftel will have the necessary credentials to help advance his career and reach his full potential in the investment banking industry. His career in investment banking has been very successful so far and with even more knowledge it will likely be even more successful for years to come.

January 23

Kickstarter Company Supported By Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a very prominent attorney in New York, and he is also a capital strategist. PR Newswire reports that Sam has recently joined with a Kickstarter company that helps women in America, as well as Africa. The company is named THINX, and they help to support women who have incontinence, and management issues during their monthly menstruation. Many people may not know that women in Africa are forced to miss work, or to stay home from school, if they have no way to control their monthly menstruation. For women in Africa, affording pads or tampons can be very difficult.

THINX have come to create a fashionable underwear that can help women who have incontinence, as well as women who need to control their menstrual cycle. The underwear is fashionable, so the wearer of the underwear feels very confident when they wear it. The underwear has five different fashionable styles to choose from. Every time a woman in America purchases the underwear from the THINX website, then seven cloth pads that are washable and reusable, are given to a woman in Uganda, through distribution from AFRIpads.

The pads can be used by the woman during her menstrual cycle, and they can be washed and reused, so the woman no longer has to miss work or school, due to her menstrual cycle. THINX even has a manifesto on the website, in order to allow buyers of the products to sign it, letting others know the good they’re doing for those in Africa. Sam Tabar was not initially interested in the investment, until he learned more about the purpose of the company, and the products they sell. Being a strategic capitalist, Sam saw profit potential, as well as a great idea that will help many in a suffering nation.

Source Link: PR Newswire

January 22

Bruce Levenson: Business Man and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman as well as an owner of an NBA team. He co-owns Atlanta Hawks LLC, which is the company that own and run the Atlanta Hawks basketball team as well as the arena they play in, Phillips Arena.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC but grew up in near by Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended school at Washington University in St. Louis and graduated with a degree in political science. He then went on to graduate from the law program at American University. Levenson worked as a journalist while he was in law school. He attended classes in the evening and during the day wrote for the Washington Star paper.

After leaving school Levenson and his partner Ed Peskowitz in 1977 co-founded United Communications Group based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. United Communications Group, or UCG, worked to publish Oil Express which was a newsletter that detailed developments in the oil industry. After founding UCG together, Levenson and Peskowitz went on to become majority partners in Atlanta Hawks LLC, the holding company that owns the Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena. Levenson is still a partner in UCG.

Not only is Bruce Levenson a businessman and a journalist, he is also a philanthropist. He regularly donates his money and time to 2 charities- Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. In the past Levenson served as president for the Washington DC chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation which helps underprivileged children seek a higher education. He is also a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, as it is a cause close to him. His mother in law is a Holocaust survivor.

Recently Levenson and his wife Karen have created a new philanthropic project, they founded the School of Philanthropy and Non-profit Management at the University of Maryland.

January 20

A Man Well-Known for Business and Philanthropy

There are individuals out there who try to make the lives of others better. Vijay Eswaran is known for doing this. He has established the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. These foundations have benefited many individuals through their programs that focus on mentor ship and a wide variety of community programs. By needs of these foundations, he has also made donations to different charities and individuals that have been extremely helpful to the individuals who have received help.

Not only is Vijay Eswarana a philanthropist, but he is also a businessman. In 2013, he was named the 25th richest person in Malaysia. He was specifically named in Forbes Asia. In the year 2012, while he was in New York City, he received the New Global Indian award because of the excellence he has shown not only in business, but also in philanthropy.

Vijay Eswaran is well-known for his speaking abilities. He has spoken publicly on many occasions, particularly in business and management forums. One such place was the World Economic Forum. He has been educating others by means of his public speaking as well as the books he has written. The first book he wrote is entitled In the Sphere of Silence. This book focuses on the philosophy he has developed to manage his personal life. One of the things that it mentions is in fact that he starts each day off with at least an hour of silence. In the book, he explains the benefits of doing this. His first book was published in 2005.

The second book he released is entitled In the Thinking Zone. This book also discusses some of his philosophies in life. Basically, it is a collection on the thoughts he has had and the way he feels others can improve if they follow his guidance. In the Thinking Zone was published in 2008. He has published two other books as well. The third book he published as a further collection on philosophical ideas which is entitled 18 Stepping Stones. In 2011 he released a book entitled On the Wings of Thought. This book features his collection of reflective photographs.

Vijay Eswaran is a well-educated man and has had a variety of jobs throughout his lifetime. He graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in socioeconomics. He received other qualifications and an MBA from a university in the state of Illinois in the United States. Today, he is the CEO of the successful company QNET.

January 19

Scarcity of Fossil Fuels

Global warming is a worrying phenomenon, but the scarcity of fossil fuels is equally a distressing issue. Lack of oil will severely impact our civilization in the first place. The best way to fight against climate change would be to still leave much of the remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

The energy crisis in the short term seems more worrying than that of global warming. And yet it is the latter which is the greater threat to humanity. Indeed, the use of renewable energy, especially solar, should eventually enable us to continue to operate our societies.

In the second half of this century the industrial exploitation of controlled fusion will perhaps even passed from dream to reality. It is not possible achieving the goal set by the experts of the IPCC – limit global warming to an increase in global temperature of two degrees – without refusing to touch a part of the stock of fossil fuels even in the bowels of the planet.

However, observers may be much less optimistic about climate change if global average temperature of the Earth increases by two degrees. Various image recognition software techniques are yet under development to capture and sequester carbon and thus limit the greenhouse effect engendered CO2 emissions by industry. But even so, if one believes a study published in Nature and conducted by Christophe McGlade and Paul Ekins, still much needs to be done.

January 13

North American Spine is Doing Something Special

What if you were told that the back pain you suffer from on a daily basis, could be cured with a minimally invasive surgery that left very little scarring, would you try it? This is something that you should consider, especially if you’re in back pain on a daily basis, because back pain is something that can truly take over your life in the worst way. If you get up every day, and the first thing you wonder is if you’ll be able to sit up straight, lift your arms, lay down in a certain position, or even function for the day, because of your back, then something is wrong.

Your back should never control how you live your life, and if it does, then it’s time to get help. For one reason or another, some people are afraid to seek the help of a doctor when they are in pain. Sometimes, the pain has to get to the point where it’s excruciating, or unbearable, or the person just cannot function at all, before they seek out the help of a doctor. It’s never a good idea to get to the point where you can’t stand the pain, before you get help for the pain.

There are many different doctors that specialize in back care, but North American Spine specializes in back care, along with minimally invasive back surgery. If you have been to see a doctor, and medication is no longer helping, and you are in constant pain, then it’s time to go to North American spine to try to fix your back problems for good. There are many different remedies that can be tried to fix your back pain, or allow you to live a more normal life, with a lot less pain than you are having today.

If none of your doctors in the past have been able to help you with your back pain, and the medications you’re taking aren’t doing enough to help with the pain, then it’s time to go to North American Spine. There are several different North American Spine locations in the USA to serve you, so you should be able to find one in your area, in order to seek out treatment. If you’re sick and tired of the pain in your back that is taking over your life, then wait no longer to get help.

Many do not realize that back pain is the number one reason why many people will call out of work on a regular basis. Back pain can be bad enough to where it can keep you from walking properly, or it can possibly keep you in bed for several days at a time, or not allow you to get out of bed at all. If you require surgery for your back, North American Spine can perform a minimally invasive surgery on your back, that leaves very little scarring, and the healing time is much faster. So stop living with back problems, call North American Spine today.

January 9

Kenneth Griffin’s View on Financial Regulation

Few will argue with the fact that Kenneth Griffin is a thoroughly educated and highly successful financial professional. While his early years were spent in Florida, he established his foundation in the financial industry when he attended Harvard University. From his dorm room and a generous initial investment made by a family member, Griffin started his first two hedge funds. Today, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of the leading investment firms in the world, Citadel LLC. He also is notably listed as one of world’s richest men on the Forbes list of wealthiest people. His success speaks volumes about his grasp of the financial markets. Because of this, many are interested in what he has to say about the government’s role in financial regulation of the markets.

The Importance of Government Intervention
When the financial market collapsed in 2007, many financial institutions floundered. The government stepped in to make some very notable bailouts, and these were criticized by many. However, Griffin testified in 2008 in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that the failure of even a single financial institution could have systemic effects. In this area, he has clearly stated that is in favor of credit derivatives, and voiced this opinion previously when making a presentation to Goldman Sachs in 2005.

His Beliefs on Changes in the Stock Market
In 2008, Griffin also made several notable comments regarding the stock exchanges. He believes that there is room for improvement in the stock market by creating electronic stock exchanges rather than in continuing to use a floor-based system. He also stated that the SEC and the Federal Reserve should establish limits on working capital. Without limits, he believes that the banks are making risky investment and financial decisions. He also believes that the traders working in the stock market need to be more experienced and educated and that there should be regulations in place to ensure that the market is run by intelligent and qualified individuals.

While Kenneth Griffin is just one of many working in the financial industry, he is one of the most knowledgeable and successful men in the field today. Many ask for his opinion, such as the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in 2008. Therefore, his statements on financial regulation should be openly known and debated by industry professionals.

Check him out on Twitter to keep up with what’s going on in Kenneth Griffin’s career.

January 8

Sam Tabar Shows The World How it’s Done

When you think of Sam Tabar, the first thing that comes to mind is ambition. This kind of qualification generally translates into prosperity for the individual and will be an asset for any company they join forces with. His friends and acquaintances would probably be the first to tell you that his love for traveling and putting together events is very likely what makes him easy to talk to. A social butterfly of sorts, Sam has been able to include his personal interests with his business aspirations and turn them into a successful marriage. The forged relationship has left a wake of success stories in the life and career of Sam Tabar.

<h3>Looking Back</h3>Sam decided a long time ago that he wanted to make something of his life, and that dream took him to the Columbia Law School. The foundation he earned at Oxford University may have encouraged his entry into law, but it was his desire to make his mark that helped him be the best Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. In 2001, Sam took his skills from Columbia law School and went on to be a powerful force at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

With an ambition that showed no signs of slowing down and a limit to the possibility of improvement, Sam took his experience and moved on to climb the corporate ladder at Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors. What began as regular counsel turned into the Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. By 2011, Sam determined that he had reached his full potential and moved on to offer counsel to clients at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. His love for legal issues drew him back to Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in 2013 where he served as a senior Associate until March 2014.

<h3>His Achievements</h3>With ambition and success in the drivers’ seat, Sam has proven his abilities by successfully counseling clients at Skadden. Other milestone achievements included the development of more than 2000 possible investors at the Sparx Group, along with managing a $2 billion hedge fund. Sam was also a major player in raising $1.2 billion in assets for the firm. Sam Tabar continued to use his social prowess by increasing the investor base to more than 1250 at the bank of America Merrill Lynch. With experience that speaks for itself and a strong desire to be at the top of his game, Sam Tabar continues to be an asset and a powerful team player.