March 19

Starbucks Has Yet Another Amazing Idea

America’s favorite coffee company just keeps coming out with great ideas that he public is sure to love. Earlier in 2015, Starbucks announced that they are beginning a media company. They plan to make TV documentaries to bring light to little-known situations around the world. Now the Seattle based coffee chain plans to spread the caffeinated love by delivery in two large, American cities. Paul Mathieson has learned that New York City and Seattle will be the test markets for this new idea. Find more on Mathieson on Starbucks is guessing that it will be a mega-hit and will be allowing those the with rewards app to order for delivery with only a flat rate charge. One cup of coffee or fifty and the price will be the same, delivery wise anyways. After the impending success of their newest sales ploy, Starbucks will surely expand the practice nationwide. Coffee lovers are going to be thrilled.

March 18

The Dorchester Collection: Five star Service and Accommodations

The Dorchester Collection began with the purchase of the Dorchester and Beverly Hills Hotels and has expanded to include 8 more luxury hotels. The Dorchester Collection belongs to the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA). Several of these hotels feature spas and five star restaurants.

The hotels are frequented by celebrities and royalty, and have won awards for their employee’s interaction with the guests and day-to-day business. In 2014, they won 4 awards from the HR in Excellence Awards, to include the Gold award for achieving the highest of standards in hospitality. They won Company of the Year from the Employee Engagement Awards in 2015. They partnered with Cornell University to develop a strategy to ensure and improve employee involvement in every area of the business. They have even posted pictures online with Instagram.

The company owns the Beverly Hills (1995) and Bel-Air hotels (2008) in Los Angeles, the Meurice and Plaza Athenee (1997) in Paris, the Dorchester (1986), 45 Park Lane (2011), and Coworth (2010) in England, the Le Richemond in Geneva, the Hotel Prinicpe dl Savoia in Milan, and the Hotel Eden in Rome. The vision of the company is to provide excellence in service and luxurious suites and rooms, while preserving the hotel’s historic integrity.

Although the hotel’s intent is to provide outstanding service and beautiful décor, the Dorchester group also strives to act within environmental codes to decrease their impact on the surroundings. They’re also involved—generally through employees—in increasing benefits to the local community.

Within the next 5-years, the company hopes to expand its holding to include 15 to 20 hotels located in cities such as Washington D.C., New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and the Middle-East. They will purchase existing hotels as well as new developments, and each hotel will include a restaurant and bar. The location and name brand will be a priority for the purchase of the hotels. For worldwide reservations and sales, names and contacts have been included on their website.

March 16

Georgia Clergyman Wants To Buy A $60 Million Jet

The Rev.Creflo Dollar Wants 200,000 People To Give $300 Each To Purchase The Jet

The days of preaching the gospel just enter the 21st century in Georgia. Instead of preaching from the pulpit in a local church, pastors these days fly across the country to spread the “word.” Unfortunately the “word” has turned into three words,”send more money”, and a lot of money.

The Rev. Creflo Dollar recently sent a video to his followers and asked them to dig deep into their debt-ridden pockets and help buy a new jet. It seems his old jet, which the church bought him in 1999, has ben having engine problems. Christain Broda knows that Dollar is not thrilled about meeting his maker anytime soon, so he wants a really nice jet to enjoy while he’s still here.

Dollar and his fellow church members belong to the World Changers Church International. Dollar has traveled 4 million miles spreading the Good News of the Gospel, but now he wants to do it in style. He wants to buy a Gulfstream G650, which comfortably seats 18 passengers and has 16 large panoramic windows.

Religion is mirroring big business and that is a hard image to adjust to, but it is a fact. Religions have always had an underlying political nature. But now it’s okay to show that nature while the real meaning of religion is being ignored.

March 4

Back in the Saddle: Rothman to Lead Sony Pictures

As reported by the New York Times, Sony announced on February 24, 2015 that Tom Rothman will become the new Chairman of Sony Picture’s Motion Picture Group. He replaces the former Chairwoman, Amy Pascal, who resigned earlier this month.

Ms. Pascal failed to recover from the embarrassing cyber attack in December last year and the subsequent mishandling of The Interview’s release, the film which reportedly prompted the hacking. Ms. Pascal will continue to work as a producer on Sony’s lot, assisting on the new Spider-Man film and a Ghostbusters reboot starring a cavalcade of female comedians.

The announcement of Rothman as Chairman is seen as an attempt to rebuild the poor finances of Sony Pictures, which has built a reputation in recent years for investing heavily in films that reported only moderate profits (e.g. The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2). Rothman is known for keeping down costs and championing blockbusters. During his time as Chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, Rothman oversaw the production of two of the biggest blockbusters of all time – Titanic and Avatar.

Tom Rothman left Fox in January 2013 and was hired in August of the same year by Ms. Pascal to lead TriStar Productions, a subsidiary of Sony dedicated to making moderately budgeted films of high artistic quality.

The selection of Rothman and his reputation of profit over old Hollywood indulgence is part of a larger trend in modern Hollywood. The close of 2014 saw the biggest year-over-year decline in box office in 9 years, and China beat the North American box office for the first time ever in February of this year. Both Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers have similarly put fiscal conservatives in charge of film production.

March 1

An Investments Company You Can Trust

If you have an interest or need to learn about smart Brazilian investments, the best place to start is BRL Trust. BRL Trust is a leading competitor in the Brazilian investments market, having over a decade of experience in the Brazilian market they have seen serious success through intelligent loans and long term planning. BRL Trust is an independent, private company with an average of eleven to fifty employees, all with extensive backgrounds in investments and experience that has brought the company the impressive background it has. BRL Trust is renowned for being extremely efficient, trustworthy and secure, and is able to meet the needs of their clients through their well staffed team of competent and experience employees and financial advisers.

BRL Trust’s strong sense of fair, ethical business is one of their most distinguishing features amongst the Brazilian market and it is with these qualities of transparency and loyalty to their customers that they have seen great success throughout their years of operation. The differentiated and individualized methods in which BRL Trust is able to work with and help their clients has allowed them to help their clients in ways that other investment companies can not. They give all information out in the open on their site, and allow clients to be as well aware as possible for making a commitment, allowing them to make the best decisions when it comes to their money and investments.

BRL Trust has grown from 100 transactions in the first year of business in 2005 to having approximately 4.5 billion portfolio, managing an impressive 800 transactions. This has been achieved by BRL Trust’s tireless work around the clock to yield maximum results, and dedication to their clients to ensure the mutual benefit.

BRL Trust is the best option when it comes to safe, legal, intelligent investments in Brazil. For anyone interested in investing in the South American market, BRL Trust is a definite company to look into. Their competence will only benefit investors, new and old. Contacting them is simple, quick, and easy, and is definitely worth it.

February 18

Igor Cornelsen and Banking in Brazil

For anyone who is new to the world of banking in Brazil, there are different points of information that need to be known and understood. Without this kind of knowledge it can be difficult for anyone to move their money to Brazil or to do any sort of investing. Thankfully though there is Igor Cornelsen. This professional banker is one of the top individuals when it comes to this subject, and he shared some of his insights and knowledge regarding the top. This way, for anyone who is looking to become more financial involved with Brazil or who are just curious, listening to what he has to say is very important.

For starters, Igor Cornelsen points out that there are basically 10 major financial players in the world of banking in Brazil. Now, there are smaller banks spread throughout the country that are more individually owned or cater to specific groups or cities, but for anyone who is looking at investing or who wants to move assets over to Brazil, it is possible to do all of this, they just need to look towards the 10 major banks. These banks play a larger role in everything that happens in the country financially and can assist with handing out larger loans, which may be necessary for property investment.

Now, as Igor Cornelsen points out, the country of Brazil has the largest economy in all of South America. It also has the sixth largest economy in the world, which makes it a desirable economy and country to invest in. It does have a direct connection with China though. China is the primary trade country of Brazil, so a large portion of the goods and services are imported and exported between these two different countries. So, whatever happens to China often has a direct affect on Brazil. Due to this, for people who are looking at investing with Brazil, whether it is with the banking system or in other areas, it is important to know what is going on with any sort of financial issues with China. Some countries place trade restrictions on China, including the United States, based on how the country interacts with other nations such as North Korea. So, as Igor Cornelsen indicates, it is important to stay on top of what all is going on and what different countries are doing when it comes to China as it does affect Brazil.

February 11

Direct Selling Power From Asia’s QNET Ltd

QNET Ltd. is a subsidiary of the QI Group, which is a global conglomerate that oversees numerous types of businesses such as telecommunications, education, retail, luxury, wellness, nutrition, travel, personal care, home care, direct selling and financial services. QNET Ltd. itself is a prominent direct selling firm that’s based in Asia, with head offices in Hong Kong. The company was created in 1998. Businessman Vijay Eswaran created QNET Ltd. and the QI Group. He’s also the Executive Chairman.

QNET Ltd. depends on an international system of individual distributors to handle all of their marketing needs. These distributors market and raise awareness of QNET Ltd.’s large lifestyle products selection. The firm is associated with a handful of prominent organizations throughout the Asian continent. These organizations include the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines and the Hong Kong Health Food Association.

The firm operates on a philosophy that’s known as RYTHM. RYTMN stands for the phrase “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.” The concept behind RYTHM is highly influenced by humanitarian Gandhi’s guidelines for life. The goal of RYTHM is for people to work hard to help others do well. This is supposed to be the basis of positive results and success.

QNET Ltd. also follows the philosophy of In-Service. The company discusses In-Service as being an essential leadership trait. In-Service is about the value and importance of putting service and work ahead of your own individual needs and wishes. QNET Ltd. wants its team of professionals to work for others in a manner that’s both respectful and humble.

The QNET Ltd. world is a vast one. The international firm has clients in more than 160 nations all around the planet. Their global presence is strong, with regional branches in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

QNET Ltd. keeps its customers updated on all of its activities and new available products by relying on social networking websites. The company has official pages on social networking sites such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. People who want to get a close glimpse of some of QNET Ltd’s newest lifestyle products can visit the firm’s Instagram page. The QNET Instagram page regularly features clear photographs of some of the firm’s newest offerings.

The direct selling company wasn’t always known as QNET Ltd. It was called QI Limited, GoldQuest and QuestNet prior to being named QNET Ltd.

February 10

Uma Thurman faces backlash over different look


Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman has faced a large amount of criticism after appearing on the red carpet in New York and appearing to look different to older images of the actress, The Independent reports. Echoes of the criticism Oscar winning actress Renee Zellweger received in 2014 were heard as Online and media critics took exception to the slightly different look Thurman appeared to have as she attended the premiere of her NBC drama The Slap in New York.

Reports that my BMG coworker Ricardo Tosto can’t seem to put down are now stating the actress was wearing less makeup than for previous red carpet events, which was the reason for the different look that appeared to take many viewers by surprise. In 2014, Zellweger returned to the red carpet and claimed to not have had plastic surgery, but had changed her makeup style over previous years. The Chicago actress stated she was happy her look had raised so many eyebrows as her life was now happier and more fulfilled than earlier in her career.

February 5

Keith Mann: Entrepreneur And Director Of Dynamic Search Partners


Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. This is a company that is located in New York City. He is also Dynamic Search Partners’ managing director. He started his career in 1995 when he became the manager of the Alternative Investments Division Of Dynamic Associates. Some of Keith’s skills include talent acquisition, recruiting, data analysis, research and executive search.


Because of Keith’s impressive job performance, he moved up and became the senior vice president of the Alternative Investments Division Of Dynamic Associates. He co-founded the Dynamic Search Partners in 2001. This company aims to find talent for private equity firms and hedge fund firms.


Ever since Dynamic Search Partners began, the company has managed to find over 2,000 clients. This company is currently expanding their operations. Dynamic Search Partners is currently the one of the country’s biggest databases of investment executives.


Not only is Keith the managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, but he is also actively involved in philanthropic activities in his community. He has helped organize events that have given Dynamic Search Partners the opportunity to give back to the community. In 2008, the company donated $8,000 to Hopes And Heroes, which is an organization that raises funds for children with cancer.


According to an article released by PR News Wire, Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners also works with an organization called Uncommon Schools, which is a company that was first founded in 2009. The aim of this organization is to teach children the skills they need to be successful in college. Not only does the company actively work with Uncommon Schools, but they also make regular donations to the organization. Dynamic Search Partners donated $10,000 to the organization in 2013.


Keith Mann stated that he was excited to be working with the school. He also stated that he was excited to see how serious the students were about starting college.

February 3

The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company is a merchant of fine wines and also specializes in rare wines. It is based in London and was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams. At this point in time, it now has over an approximated 20,000 clients in over 70 countries. The Antique Wine Company has had a main focus of specialised in the finest of wines since day one. Interestingly, they currently possess more than 10,000 bottles of the finest wines in the world. The company is well known for its astonishing wine collection, as well as extraordinary wine events. The operating headquarters is located in the United Kingdom with offices situate in the Phillippine, as well as Hong Kong.

In regards to The AWC’s world record, it was in 2011 that they broke the record of the most expensive bottle of wine that was ever sold. The aforementioned bottle was Chateau d’Yquem 1811, which was bought by Christian Vanneque for £75,000. Amazingly, Mr. Vanneque shocked everyone when he said that he was not a rich man, but merely a hardworking man who believes that wine is for drinking.

Coupling with Viscount David Linely, The Antique Wine Company created a Grand Chateau Series. These wine cabinets are handcrafted and each of them contains 18 bottles of Bordeaux from the corresponding estate that happened to be produced during the 20tth, as well as the 21sst century. Another astonishing fact is that in 2006, The antique Wine Company sold a 135-year-old collection of Bordeaux for a reported £1.5 million. This is the most expensive price pain in history for a single lot.

The Antique Wine Company is known on an international level and has received recognition from wine expert all of the globe. The strong customer service relations, as well as impressive stock holdings has afforded this company the ability to give the highest of luxury service, as well as phenomenal efficiency with its personalized customer service.

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