April 26

The TV Adventures of the Simmons Family Continue

Those who were fans of Gene Simmons’ “Family Jewels” may be interested in the new reality television series “Shannon & Sophie”. Eight episodes of the series has been ordered for the Up TV network and the show is, well, Family Jewels in another form. The obvious difference here is the program is not going to focus on Mr. Simmons. Instead, the series features the adventures of his wife and daughter. Fans of Gene Simmons are not going to be disappointed though. He plays a prominent role in the series, too.

Consider it interesting that the show is airing on Up TV. “Up” is short for “uplifting” and the focus of the channel is to provide programming that boosts the spirit and makes people feel good. Unlike “Family Jewels”, we are not likely going to see humor that is adult-oriented. The program is going to be much more family-oriented in order to fit into the type of programming he channel prefers.

A lot of light-hearted humor supports an upbeat approach and Shannon Tweed and Sophie Tweed-Simmons definitely have that ability. They are likable enough and their “mother/daughter” dynamic does have the potential to provide some fun times.

Surely, there are a lot of fans of “Family Jewels” that will be curious about this new series. Jaime Garcia Dias is just one of many. Whether or not the audience follows to a new network remains to be seen, and the trends on Twitter

are not really telling much. The ratings numbers won’t be as high for this show as was the case with the original series, but it should do fine none the less.

April 26

Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Thick Body

Selena Gomez became famous from appearing on the Disney channel, but she is now a 22-year old pop-star. Selena has since spiced things up. The young pop-star posted a revealing photo of herself in a reveling bikini. Selena Gomez took the pictures while she was vacationing in Mexico. It’s safe to say that Selena has changed immensely since her Disney days. Fans say that the pop-star gained a lot of weight since her brutal break-up with Justin Bieber, but Selena says that she is much happier being a thick woman. Selena Gomez was always a thin girl, but she is now carrying around a lot more weight.

Selena Gomez took a lot of pictures of herself on the beach, and she also said that it’s okay to be a big girl. People are wondering if Selena has a food addiction. Fans are confused, but Selena Gomez seems happy with her body. Bruce Karatz really didn’t think it was too out of hand anyway. A lot of celebrities have begun to embrace the thick look, and you can check HBS for more on that. However, there are still many pop-stars that enjoy having a small figure. Everyone is different, but people should be happy with whatever kind of body they have. For more information on this story, visit E!

April 15

My Adventures Using FreedomPop

Hey y’all. This FreedomPop review is promotional, but true! I really do love this story. If you’re interested in saving money on mobile and data, read on…


Technology has brought our world many new advancements that have benefited all of us. However, many of these advancements aren’t free. These great technologies that we take advantage of on a daily basis can really cost us dearly. This is especially true for the mobile technology that we take advantage of every day. The monthly cost of cellphone bills are a cost that can really add up. There are however great services that can be very affordable. As technology advances, it becomes more and more affordable for consumers. 

FreedomPop is a service that is very affordable for individuals who are looking for great cell phone service. There is even a free service for those who are looking for a bare bones service. This free service offers 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 500MB of free data per month. This is a great option for those who are really looking to cut down on their monthly expenses. FreedomPop’s free service is something that can help individuals to still have a reliable mobile phone service while still be able to save money on their monthly bills. Over the course of the year individuals can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their cellphone bills. 

There are great affordable services that offer unlimited services to consumers as well. For only 20 dollars, cell phone users are able to have unlimited talk, text, and data. This can result in savings of over $1,500 dollars for those who are switching from AT&T. These savings are something that have really created somewhat of a media buzz. There are consumers everywhere who are looking forward to these amazing savings, while still having great cell phone service and coverage. 

FreedomPop also offers free nationwide WiFi at many different hot spots around the country. This is very convenient for those who are always on the road traveling, but still need to get their work done. There are many great options as well for mobile hot spots. These hot spots are great as well for those who are in the need of great internet connection whenever and wherever they need it.

April 15

Man Goes Mad And Shoots His Wife

A 24-year old woman named Leaj Jarvis Price was recently shot in the head by her husband Eric Price. The married couple got into an awful fight, and Leaj Price fled to the nearest building, which happened to be a doctor’s office. Leaj ran into the building screaming. She yelled at the secretary to call the police. Leaj’s husband followed her into the building with a gun. Eric Price soon made his way into the doctor’s office, and he did not care about the witnesses who were there. Eric shot his wife, and then he returned to his home like nothing happened.

Just a few moments later, Eric’s home was surrounded by cops. Police officers managed to talk Eric out of the home. Eric appeared in front of the police officers with a gunshot wound to his head. Apparently, Eric Price shot himself in the head in a failed suicide attempt. The police apprehended Eric, and he was immediately taken to the hospital. Eric was soon released from the hospital, and then he was taken to jail.

Folks at STX Entertainment have learnedthat Leaj Jarvis had a six year old son, and he will now be living with his grandma. No one knows why exactly the murder occurred. However, some people suspect that Eric discovered that his wife was cheating on him, but that cannot be proved. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

April 13

Indiana Currently Going through HIV Outbreak

Scott County in the state of Indiana is currently going through the largest HIV outbreak they’ve ever had in history. Over 100 people were tested positive for HIV, but these tests were linked to intravenous needles shared among certain citizens. Such an outbreak has caused the county to be under a public health emergency, as has been declared by the government of Indiana. There are now needle-exchange programs, which are temporarily banned as a result of this emergency, that are here to exchange infected needles and clean needles. They are only temporarily banned so as to help aid in controlling, and maybe even vanquishing, the HIV outbreak threat.

Not many people joined the program at first because they were afraid that they would be getting arrested. Crystal Hunt could understand that fear for sure. Only four people joined initially. Word is spreading quickly, however, that anyone who joins will not be arrested; the needle-exchange programs are here to help and not harm. All the members will receive are laminated cards that have two letters of their first name, two letters of their last name, their date of birth, and their gender. Gradually, more and more people are starting to join the programs. Along with these programs is the health program that tests for HIV for free. It’s state-wide, and the programs may only be around for 30 days, maybe 30 more if needed, so anyone in Scott County who thinks they may have HIV is highly recommended to go get checked before it’s too late.
April 13

Hillary Clinton Releases First Presidential Campaign Video

According to BuzzFeed News Hillary Clinton has finally announced that she will be running for the 2016 presidency. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has been following the press regarding her appearances and “hints” for the past year. It is obvious that she has quite a following, considering her 2 announcement tweets had over 3 million views within the first hour. She even received quite a few support tweets from some celebrities, such as RuPaul, Magic Johnson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Andres Rannells, and more.

Hillary had some bad publicity caused by her choice of using her personal email to conduct official business. According to The Washington Post, Hillary Clinton recently took the initiative to hire Google Executive, Stephanie Hannon as her new CTO.  Sergio Cortes was surprised by this move. This will certainly give her followers on LinkedIn.com more confidence that in the future she will be able to make better decisions regarding email use.

April 9

Why Are Some People Deemed Attractive?

Scientific studies that aim at finding out what makes some people more attractive than others are always actual. In the most recent study, the summing up of facial features and color combinations revealed that a brunette with sleek features was the most preferred.

eMobile suggested that the male part was also brunette, and according to the study, male faces are deemed most attractive with a stub, rather than clear shaved or with a beard. For the body mass, women visually appreciate a 9:10 rate between the waist and hips, give preference to facial symmetry, and even pay attention to finger length (unconsciously). For women, the proportions are 7:10, with the ideal BMI 20.85.

The scientists say that longer ring-fingers show the presence of a greater amount of testosterone for men. Are smiling faces more attractive? Yes and no. the same question was answered in different ways by the male and female interviewees. Smiling women are deemed attractive, while happy male faces were not at all appreciated. Voice pitches matter. Women are attracted to low voices. For men, low female voices associate with aging and heaviness, hence they are more likely to choose higher pitches, associated with youth and smaller body.

April 2

First Indiana Business to Deny Gay Couples After New Law Passed

Christian Broda said that we all knew this was coming sooner or later. It just so happens to be sooner in this case. A few short days ago a new law went into affect in Indiana, the Religious Freedom Law. The new law allows privately owned businesses to deny services to anyone based on their religious beliefs.

According to the story on BuzzFeed.com, Memories Pizzeria located in Walkerton, Indiana, is the first business to test the waters with this new law. The owners of the pizzeria told a local news station that they would not be catering any LBGT wedding ceremonies in the future if they were ever asked to. After their interview aired, people began voicing their opinions in the form of negative reviews. Yelp has had to remove over 2,000 negative reviews on the company’s site. The pizzeria has also received threats that police are looking into. The owners have now closed down shop for a few days in order to hide-out in their home from the angry members of the public.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, who signed the bill into a law, stands by what he signed. He has also said that the media has gotten the details wrong and that they are working on a bill to “fix” the new law. Gov. Pence said that the law was not meant to discriminate against anyone or give businesses the right to deny their service to a person.

March 27

Obamas Said to be Looking at Taking Up Residence in the NYC

The conventional wisdom has long been that President Obama and his family would return to the “Chitown” aka Chicago upon completing his second term as president. It was a given that the man who made his meteoric rise in politics in this key US city would return there. In fact, it was largely assumed he would build his presidential library within the city. Now, reports are the family is reconsidering those plans. Ironically, life in the city has taken an unfavorable turn under the leadership of his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, the current mayor. Crime in the city has risen. Employment opportunities have not increased sufficiently. Dan Newlin said that a running theme among many residents is that Chicago is no longer a city a person desires to move into.

However true that statement may be, it appears to be weighing on the Obamas. Reports are they are looking at making a fresh start in New York City in 2016. In fact, the president is said to be considering Columbia University’s offer of hosting his presidential library. The inner squabbling in Chicago and lack of truly appealing locations is making the Ivy League school’s offer all the more entertaining.

At the same time, President Obama enjoys deep ties with Wall Street. Despite his public pronouncements of disdain for Wall Street money, it only took him two years in office to exceed all the Wall Street donations George W. Bush received in his eight years in office. Needless to say, the New York City is vibrant and would allow the Obamas to immerse their family in a rich cultural environment.

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March 19

Starbucks Has Yet Another Amazing Idea

America’s favorite coffee company just keeps coming out with great ideas that he public is sure to love. Earlier in 2015, Starbucks announced that they are beginning a media company. They plan to make TV documentaries to bring light to little-known situations around the world. Now the Seattle based coffee chain plans to spread the caffeinated love by delivery in two large, American cities. Paul Mathieson has learned that New York City and Seattle will be the test markets for this new idea. Find more on Mathieson on Examiner.com. Starbucks is guessing that it will be a mega-hit and will be allowing those the with rewards app to order for delivery with only a flat rate charge. One cup of coffee or fifty and the price will be the same, delivery wise anyways. After the impending success of their newest sales ploy, Starbucks will surely expand the practice nationwide. Coffee lovers are going to be thrilled.