September 30

James Dondero On Hedging Your Portfolio

The Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, has taken his company to great heights over the years. Highland Capital Management has done so well because it had a strong person at its leadership, especially during the troubled times. Because of his decades worth of experience, James Dondero has picked up some valuable leadership lessons and the most important among them is to always be prepared for the bad times. In the corporate world, especially in investment firms, this approach can be quite rewarding.

Hedging is something that all investment experts recommend. However, only few traders know about what hedging is and why it’s important. In the following points, James Dondero explains these points –

What Does Hedging Mean? – Hedging is exactly like insurance. People get life insurance so that their families and dependents would have protection in case something happens to them. Similarly, hedging is an activity undertaken to protect the trader against the market if something happens. It is there to limit the impact of bad events or downturns. When most beginner traders get interested in hedging, they wrongly assume that this activity would prevent the market from going against them. James Dondero explains that hedging would not impact the market in any way and good or bad turns would continue happening, except that the trader would now have security or insurance against negative events.

How Are Derivatives Related To Hedging? – Derivatives include futures and options and are financial instruments used by traders for the purpose of hedging. Using options and futures, traders devise a strategy that would protect them against the market’s swings. It works in a unique way where the trader gets the derivative that is usually the opposite event of the underlying financial instrument. This means that if the market goes down, the derivative kicks in and the trader still ends up making a profit (or limiting losses to zero).

James Dondero explains that options, in particular, are quite popular and have helped many traders avoid losses in companies whose shares have gone down. For instance, if a trader thinks that the short term prospects of a share seem troubled, they could buy put options. The options gives the trader a “right” to sell or buy shares at a particular price and kick into effect when the price reaches a certain level. This means that using the put option, the trader would be able to sell the share at a particular price and make profits on the put. The losses due to the share would, thus, be offset against the profits.

Does Hedging Cost Money? – Like any other insurance, hedging too costs money to the trader. But that price is a lot less than what the trader would have to pay if they don’t hedge their securities. The cost of the derivative, for instance, is a fixed cost that the trader would have to pay, even if the derivative is not on the money.

James Dondero has used various hedging tools to protect himself against the market over the years. He advises traders to research about hedging for long term benefits.

September 21

Yeonmi Park’s Escape to Freedom

North Korea has, arguably, one of the harshest regimes in the world. The regime is notorious for violating human rights. Citizens are not allowed to move or talk at their will. Everything they do is monitored by the authorities. The unfortunate ones who get accused for committing, even, the smallest of crimes face inhuman punishments including imprisonment, torture and death. Only a few have managed to escape the country, as the borders are heavily guarded. One such person is 21 year old Yeonmi Park.

Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates escaped North Korea when she was only 13 years old. Trouble began when her father was arrested and imprisoned for smuggling. Through someone’s help, the family was able to flee to china. They had to cross a river to get there, as the guards at the border had orders to shoot anybody who tried to escape on site. Park recalls that, while in North Korea, her mother would warn her against whispering, as she was afraid that the mice and the birds could hear.

If Park thought that China would be their safe haven, she was greatly mistaken; it was only the beginning of one of the worst journeys she would ever encounter. In china, she watched as her mother got raped while protecting her from being raped instead. They were, also, both sold into human trafficking. This was the first time that Park got to know about the trade. When her father got to China, he died after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Park buried him alone in the middle of the night.

Realizing that they had to leave China if they ever dreamt of living like dignified human beings, Park and her mother crossed the Gobi desert to South Korea. Temperatures were about minus 40 degrees, and no one could imagine that they would cross the desert at this time. They were literally guided to freedom by the stars that led them north.

Park became a YouTube sensation when she appeared at the One Young World Summit held in Dublin. After narrating her harrowing escape from North Korea, The audience rose up to applause her, and even shed tears. From then on, she has become quite the human activist. She has become a voice for the oppressed not just in North Korea but globally. She has appeared in a number of platforms to tell her story and to share her desire to bring freedom to all people of the Earth.

Just like the rest of the escapees, Park has been targeted a number of times for speaking out. Some have tried to render her story incredible by trying to poke holes in her narration, but her story has inspired and touched many freedom lovers that have heard it. To share her story in detail, Park is writing a new book: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

September 18

Pulse Evolution Explains Their Expenses

CNN Money featured an article regarding Pulse Evolution, a company that has been publicly recognized for introducing holographic images to the entertainment world. In this article, the reasoning for the most current expenses were explored. Along with this topic, it was mentioned of the company’s intention to be placed on the National Exchange. According to John Textor CEO of the company, the millions spent in expenses were attributed to the area of virtual reality and digital humans.

The millions of viewers that show interest in the world of virtual reality are responsible for the continued devotion by Pulse Evolution, according to the article. The viewers recruit articles to be written and coverage to be made on the developmental software that produces the virtual images of celebrities. Also mentioned in the article, was the agreements that were made in these areas utilizing the estates of some of these celebrities.

CEO John Textor, was previously head of Digital Domain which lead to his role with Pulse Evolution. Aside from managing digital media companies he has also been credited as being a producer. He received his Bachelors in Economics and has used his talents in the virtual world. If he is not involved in the virtual or financial world, he makes his way through the entertainment industry either producing or developing virtual images to be used in movies or award shows.

Pulse Evolution is based out of Saint Lucie, Florida and is also credited with being the leader in digital humans and other diverse software. This article that was featured mentions many reasons as to why this company believes in the presence of avatars and virtual beings. According to CNNMoney, Pulse Evolution recognizes that digital human beings is already a constant in society and will continue to appear all over. Given this fact, the primary goal that has been set, is to link and integrate a form of being able to interact with these digital beings.

BusinessWire said that this is part of Pulse Evolution rising to the next stage of their existence. It took funding from investors to procure their initial stage as a developing company. With the use of the funds the company has been able to continue to create what they believe to be the enhancement of the digital world.

September 18

Bradley Reifler Seeks Safe but Consistent Returns

Brad Reifler learned about investing by doing it daily. As a commodities trader for Refco, he learned what value was all about and how to buy and sell commodities for a profit. He also learned the very important concepts of preservation of capital and risk assessment. Those ideas stuck with him through a career that has now spanned three decades. Reifler is now behind a new product called the Forefront Income Trust. That fund is based on the principles of getting a great return while keeping the investment principle safe.

The way to keep an investment safe is to have a lot of information about the risk and the details of the deal. This high degree of accuracy makes investing less risky. Reifler has stated that the best deals Forefront Capital finds happen because of long-existing relationships they have developed. The fund invests in income producing properties that are collateralized. They always pay the first 8% of annual net returns to investors before assessing any type of fee. This egalitarian fee structure reflects Reifler’s desire to make this fund accessible to as many retail investors as possible. Throughout his career, Reifler has targeted his investments primarily to high net worth individuals who meet the stringent requirements of being “accredited investors.”

Retail investors will likely be very happy to get a taste of the hedge fund experience. They’re looking for more ways to gain returns, just like all other market participants. Now they have a way to invest in a stable income fund run by experienced management. Bradley Reifler has surrounded himself with top talent at Forefront Capital. Forefront Income Trust is one of those ideas that seems to be coming out in the right place at the right time. With stock markets plummeting in recent months, investors want safety first.

September 18

Paul Evans is an Influential Shoe Brand

Paul Evans is one of the best brands of men’s wear on the market today. This brand for italian shoes is based in New York City, but they operate an extremely valuable e-commerce business. The company was founded by two friends, and it is changing the way that the shoe business is run.

Benjamin Earley and Evan Fript became close friends during their time at Tulane University. The bonded throughout their classes and they had a wonderful time in the beautiful city of New Orleans during their college years. After graduating from Tulane University, the two friends both ended up working in New York City in Finance.

Many of those working in the finance industry love to wear high end clothing, and in some businesses it is all but required to have an extremely high end pair of shoes. Ben and Evan looked at many of the high end shoe brands and they quickly realized that the price of shoes had grown out of hand in recent years. On top of this fact, there is an extremely small number of luxury shoe brands. Ben and Evan were frustrated by these facts, but they decided that they could have an impact on the future of high quality shoes, they decided to start their own brand of shoes.

In 2012, Ben and Evan decided to launch Paul Evans. The company was launched with a great deal of care. The founders went to Italy to locate the best possible Italian leather to go into their amazing footwear. Their line of shoes is made of the best materials and it their shoes are also extremely well manufactured.

One of the best aspects of Paul Evans is the fact that the company is extremely focused on e-
commerce. By cutting out all of the third party retailers, Paul Evans has been able to offer people the best possible prices. Another extremely important aspect of the e-commerce strategy has been the fact that their shoes are available at your doorstep no matter where you are. While New York City is packed with high quality retailers filled with wonderful shoes, there are areas of the country in which high quality shoes are not available. Ben and Evan felt that everyone is entitled to the ability to purchase high quality shoes, and thus they created an e-commerce way to purchase shoes.

Paul Evans has been an immediate success. Shoe lovers are loving the fact that they are able to purchase the shoes they love from the privacy of their own home. They also love the fact that they can get shoes at an extremely competitive price. These factors have elevated Paul Evans towards the top of the shoe market, and people need to pay attention to the success of this company.

September 17

Advertising In Brazil – The Role Of Heads Propaganda

While advertising is an integral part of every business, it ought to be given the information that’s passed onto the customer. Brazil, just like any country in the world is a great business hub with some of the largest business firms located in its urban centers. Advertising is a way of letting customers know of the latest a company is offering and is frequently formal or informal. Advertising in this country dates back to 1929 when a New York advertising agency opened their offices in Sao Paulo.

A recent research done in Brazil called Brasil Connected 2 showed that internet advertising is the latest trend in this expansive nation. In fact, this country is known for creating some of the best ways of advertising today, where it’s among the leading nations in the world’s annual advertising festivals. Whether formal or informal, Brazil accepts advertising as an important part of the business.

Some of the modern avenues of advertising in Brazil include the print media, billboards, TVs, and the most prevalent in the urban centers; signs in the streets. Another study showed that Brazilians typically accept advertising way higher than the Americans, especially when famous personalities are included. This phenomenon is partly the reason for the rapid springing up of many advertising firms over the past few years.

Some well-known multinational advertising houses have slowly entered this market, battling with the local ones, especially in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Brasil Connectado 2 showed that online advertising is ideal for capturing the large online community in Brazil as many of them are finally gaining confidence in the e-shopping platform.

Heads Propaganda is a premier advertising firm in Brazil with many different offices across the country. Formed by Claudio Loureiro, it’s rapidly growing, recently listed among the five large advertising houses in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a domestically-run house inspired by the need to offer the natives an alternative way of advertising. In fact, it’s safe to say that Heads Propaganda ensures its broadest sense in the word by incorporating unwavering passion, originality, and unsurpassed knowledge of its niche.

This advertising firm boasts of having a strong connection to the converging and competitive environment, what they typically term as their greatest strength. Their strategy is just offering unlimited advertising, thereby linking clients and brands across the country. Originality is what handles the strong bonds between Heads Propaganda and both the consumers and the firms. It’s located in Coritiba but with an eye for the global market.

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September 17

An Overview of Lawyers in Brazil

There are several Brazilian law firms with wide coverage base including corporate, family, employment as well as litigation. The best law firms provide experienced legal counsel and develop tailored solutions depending on the needs of their corporate and individual clients. Building good reputation is instrumental since clients rely on it to gauge the capacity and potential of any law firm. Due to economic development in Brazil, many legal firms are targeting international legal services to assist investors planning to venture into Brazilian market. Investors should target exceptional legal experts that are recognized for their excellent performance in this industry.

The best Brazilian lawyers listen closely to their clients and design real strategies and practical business counsel favorable to their global business needs. Lawyers are supposed to give personal attention to their clients in order to provide collaborative services that would manage to unlock investment opportunities while operating legally recognized businesses. Dealing with legal matters that affect more than one country would have complex outcomes due to differences in law. The best legal providers in Brazil have ability to handle this complexity in an appropriate manner.

Brazil has civil law system while the U.S. has the common law system. Proven experience is required to navigate through both systems and make them applicable in favor of investors. In this case, clients should consult legal experts with proven track record regarding these legal systems. Investors targeting vast Latin American market should collaborate with qualified and reputable lawyers in order to get relevant advice concerning starting and operating entities in the country. Investors should focus on quality of services lawyers are capable of providing before hiring them.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer recognized across the entire country for his excellent legal expertise. He started his career by working for several organizations before establishing his own legal firm that later became among the largest in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has represented numerous public personalities and entities in major cases. Also, he has provided legal services to politicians, multinationals and other corporations including government agencies.

Ricardo Tosto played an important role of establishing some legal frameworks that are being applied in the entire Brazilian legal systems. At his firm, he has been closely following all important cases in order to provide his innovative strategies and advice when there are special issues. Due to his experience, he is able to advice his legal team on the best way to handle those complex legal matters. In fact, most of Ricardo Tosto’s current partners were once practicing at his firm as interns. People with legal disputes or those planning to venture into business, or those already in operation are advised to seek legal expertise from Brazilian lawyers in order to settle their issues.

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September 15

Growth of Skout As It Acquires Nixter Mobile App

Skout has had a rather successful run as a social networking app. A strong team of investors like Andreessen Horowitz backs its growth and innovative CEO Christian Wiklund. A $22 million investment has made it possible for the company to acquire nightlife app Nixter.

To integrate offline with online interactions in Skout’s app with activities and events taking place. Skout on prnewswire is an app that aids strangers connect and interact with any part of the world. On the other hand, Nixter helps highlight upcoming nightlife events in their city. In the platform, the app user can buy tickets, view guest list of the events and get VIP accommodations way beforehand. The app is a huge plus to party lovers and can help plan an epic weekend with insight to the best events.

Wiklund is very optimistic with the acquisition as he views it as an increased utility to Skout users. The amount of the purchase is undisclosed due to its nature of stock and cash. Nixter has grown majorly from the reliance of angel investors who have propelled the app that started in Santiago, Chile. After its creation two years ago, the app is currently functional in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The co-founder of Nixter, Francisco Saez, confesses that he had other competing deals from other companies but chose Skout. The deal guaranteed Nixter’s autonomy and power. Wiklund states that the opportunity Nixter presents can be tapped into and be substantially monetized. He views that Skout users will greatly appreciate the features that Nixter presents and will build their loyalty.

Wiklund plans to maintain Nixter as a separate brand and app but integrate it into Skout altogether. Wiklund, the CEO of Skout, said the company had already hit profitability. The app sells virtual currency that a user can redeem to unlock special features in the app.

The location-based social networking and dating application is one of the first dating and people discovery app to lay emphasis on global user locality. It is available in both iOS and Android operating systems that have made the app connect over 500 million connections in 2013. The app introduced its traveling feature in 2013 that lets users meet people in another city while traveling. Another interesting feature in the app is the shake to chat feature that connects users that are quaking their phones at the same time for a chat.

Skout is an outstanding application in social networking and dating. With the addition of Nixter to its inventory, it will facilitate dating and socializing of its users.

September 12

More than meets the eye

Very soon all citizens of this country will line up at their local polling stations, and vote for the next president. Building up to that monumental decision will be a long string of debates, lectures, and speeches. A lot of issues will be brought to light and examined. Each candidate will have his, or her, chance to tell the country their thoughts. Domestic policy, defense, and international relations will all occupy the American consciousness until next November. However, at the forefront of these thoughts will be the economy. This means that we will not just be hearing from candidates and sponsors this cycle; we will also be listening to economists.

An economist is someone that lives and breathes economics. They deal in numbers, percentages, and trends. In a lot of ways they are like bankers and business executives. However, they are also like professors, philosophers, and sometimes historians. A straight forward definition of economics might collide with this view of economist. Yet, economics it turns out is much more than money and figures. An economic focused discussion could center an anything from the stock market to engineering, art, or politics. Like most things in our world, economics is interconnected with all aspects of our lives.

Just as traditional views of economics are a skewed, the perceptions of economists are also a bit wrong. Most people probably see economists like Ben Stein; dry, boring, and monotone. However, this is not the case. Economists are not like an accountant in a old black and white film. They are scholars and political figures from all walks of life. Economists have recently left the dark corners of our collective consciousness and now occupy a front stage center spotlight. They help lead countries, organization, and individuals to make decisions in many different aspects. From what lettuce is available at the local market, to tactical military movements; economists are leading the way.

A great example of the changing perception of economists is Christian Broda. Mr. Broda currently serves as a managing director at Duquesne Capital Management. However, his list of accomplishments is as varied as any can be. He has a PHD from MIT and has published award winning research in The American Economic Review and The Quarterly Journal of Economics. Christian Broda on chicagobooth is an expert in international trade. This served him especially well as a professor of economics at the University of Chicago. He also worked with Federal Reserve of New York as a researcher, helping to improve international economics.

Economists come from all walks of life and have a variety of experiences. This matches with the expansive nature of economics. It does not suffice to focus on figures and numbers alone. Economics is not just a mathematical discipline, it is a study of life and all parts of it. Therefore, effective economist have to be masters of many different disciplines. However, many people would benefit from such a variety. Perhaps, as this election season continues others will adhere to this lesson.

September 11

Christian Broda: Professor of Economic Excellence

Christian Broda is a well-known economist and financial professor. The road to success is paved with hard work and persistence. Many people get degrees, find a career and stick to that. The more successful people, like Christian Broda, find a career then continue to grow and develop. In this article we will go over Broda’s beginnings, greatest accomplishments and where he is today.

Christian Broda on chicagobooth egan his journey into economics by attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was able to excel at this university and obtain a Ph.D. as well as a Bachelors’ degree. Instead of going straight into the field of economics, Broda decided to use his wealth of knowledge to educate our new generation. Christian Broda went on to become a Professor at the University of Chicago. He held this title at their School of Business from the years of 2005 – 2010. While he was a professor he also held the title of Head of International Research at Lehman/Barclays Capital during the years of 2008 – 2010.

After establishing a very renowned and accomplished career, Broda decided to go beyond the class room teachings. He led a very successful publishing life, attributing to many books and Journalism pieces in regard to Economics. Christian Broda is very well known for his dissection of the American dollar and its worth. After the huge economic downfall in the United States in 2008, he was able to provide American’s with a glimmer of hope. One of his more popular articles, “Why the US dollar may strengthen in 2010” statistically breaks down how the economic structure of the United States is going to change for the better.

Aside from being a published author and accomplished professor, Broda is now the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management. In his role with Duquesne Capital Management he is managing many accounts ranging from local to international. One of Broda’s big career focuses was the establishment of hedge funds and the hedging markets; this has led to overall company success. Thanks to his brilliant economic strategies he has pushed his career to the next level. Christian Broda has proven that hard word, fresh ideals and persistence pays off in the long run. Now he has a very impressive resume under his belt with a bright future ahead.