May 27

AnastasiaDate Brings Different Nationalities Together

The chance to meet the woman or man of your dreams can often be more difficult than ever before as more and more people are finding themselves living isolated lives tied to pieces of technology. The chance to complete Internet dating options from within your own area may not seem like a good idea as the chance to explore the women of your choice from a different country is something each and everybody should have the chance to do with the shrinking of the world through technology. The Anastasia Date app and Website is now making it easier than ever before to meet women from Eastern European countries like the Ukraine and Russia in a bid to find the love of your life.

North American and European men have been looking for love in many different parts of the world for decades in a variety of different ways. Anastasia Date was originally created to provide tours of Eastern Europe in a bid to help North American and western European men with the chance to meet women from the former communist countries of Russia and the Ukraine. The success of these tours led to the development of the Website and app that makes it easy for any man or woman to go Online and search out their perfect match and make contact with them in a simple and safe manner.

Anastasia Date differs from many Online dating Sites in the way that it offers an all encompassing service for clients who may feel an attraction, but struggle to complete their courtship. The Site makes it easy to communicate by including translation services in its options to make sure messages are not misunderstood at either end. As the relationship begins to move ahead the agency will also make it easy for the prospective couple to meet by offering travel options that make it easy to meet up and see if the man and woman are compatible when they embark on their relationship via the Internet. User reviews can be found here on SiteJabber. Or give Anastasia Date some feedback on their Twitter.

May 25

Tylenol #3 May Be Replacing Vicodin in ERs

New research has emerged showing that the hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Vicodin) is not more effective than the codeine/acetaminophen combination (Tylenol #3) in terms of treating acute pain in patients.

In emergency departments, Vicodin is currently the most popular opioid in terms of prescriptions. However, the FDA is considering making this a Schedule II drug, meaning that it would be more strictly regulated than it is now, as a Schedule III drug. The state of New York has already changed the classification.

Tylenol #3 has shown itself to be a great alternative. The findings of the study show that Tylenol with codeine is likely just as effective in most patients. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a completely ideal solution. There are people who do not metabolize codeine normally; in these individuals, codeine will be hypermetabolized and quickly converted to morphine. This can lead to respiratory depression and in the worst cases, death. Additionally, there are patients who are unable to metabolize codeine at all, and they will not experience any analgesic effect.

The researchers found that the differences in frequency of adverse side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness, were not statistically different between the group who took Vicodin and the group who took Tylenol #3. More research will need to be done to see if Tylenol #3 can replace Vicodin, but it looks to be promising. High-Frequency Marketing OS users can’t wait for that to happen.

May 25

The Sequel for Independence Day

There are some movies that do not need sequels. There are a lot of films out there that just do not need any additional parts. “Independence Day,” for example, was one that seemed to work very well without any sequel. For 15 years this movies has been working with no part two, but now there is talk about a sequel to this blockbuster.

Will Smith has been out of the limelight for quite a while. He is actually not doing much at all right now. The majority of his movies have been flops. He could have done this movie sequel, but he declined to be involved in it. Everyone has been saying that he needs to make “Bad Boys III.” Martin Lawrence has already said that he would in place to work on this movie if Will was ready.

The reality, however, is that Will Smith doesn’t do a lot of sequels. That is something employees at CCMP Capital have noticed quite a bit. There was no sequel to “Hitch” or “I, Robot” or “I Am Legend.” In a couple of movies he died at the end so there was no room for a sequel. The only movies that he came back for were the ones that he was really passionate about. That was “Bad Boys” and “Men in Black.” Now “Independence Day 2″ is set to start where it left off 15 years ago with Vivica A. Fox returning with Will Smith as her husband.

May 25

Mike Huckabee to Skip the Iowa Straw Poll to Save His Money for the Iowa Caucus

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has announced that he will not participate in the Iowa Straw Poll. The non-binding competition occurs over the summer as GOP candidates hobnob with Iowa delegates. Huckabee’s reason for skipping the straw poll is pragmatic. Rather than devote the resources of his Iowa campaign staff to wage a costly fight in a crowded field of presidential candidates, he will use his money and human resources to compete in the upcoming Iowa Caucus. In doing so, Huckabee is following the lead of Jeb Bush who announced earlier this week that he too would skip the straw poll.

However, Huckabee’s motivations are different than Bush’s, as any plaintiff attorney would tell you. For starters, Bush skipped out on the event largely because he is not expected to perform well in it. The straw poll is a decidedly conservative event and Bush’s positions on amnesty and the Common Core Curriculum would set him at a disadvantage. For Huckabee, he suspects that GOP establishment candidates like Bush are sitting out the straw poll to allow lesser funded conservatives to drain their valuable resources in a competition that will not deliver any delegates towards the nomination. This has led Huckabee to likewise sit out the event. Back in 2008, he competed in the straw poll and won. Huckabee is seeking to reach out to lower middle class voters through his support of the government safety net. This position sets him apart from the other GOP presidential candidates.
May 21

Beneful Brought My Boxer Back to Health

In the spring of 2014, I noticed that my family’s boxer, Max, wasn’t his usual self. Max had just outgrown his puppy phase, and so he was naturally less energetic, but after one too many days spent lazing around the house I began to worry. He showed no interest in going outdoors, playing with his usual toys or even the neighborhood kids. Especially at mealtimes he seemed disinterested and began to leave his bowl half full. Pretty soon, he was noticeably dropping weight.
Worried, I called the vet and did some research online. She recommended that I switch up his diet to include more real meat and vitamins. After asking around to see what my friends used, I decided to try Beneful. At first, I was a little hesitant because it did not seem like such a little change could help Max get out of such a bad slump. It was not like I was feeding him a no-name generic brand before, just a separate name brand. To me, it looked and smelled just like all the other dry dog foods, but I was willing to give it a shot, and I’m grateful that I did.
Max immediately noticed the difference. The first night I filled his bowl with Beneful was the first time he had cleared a plate in weeks. Within days, Max began to get some of his old flair back. It turns out that his other dog food just was not getting him the nutrients that he needed. I wish I had known before I started feeding him the other brand that Beneful would provide him with the proper nutrition. Don’t wait until there is cause to worry, do the right thing today. Beneful brought back the Max my family knew and loved. Both Max and I recommend it.

May 20

Who Will Be David Letterman’s Final Musical Guest?

It is no secret now that David Letterman is retiring from his famous TV show “The David Letterman Show”. Each episode he has been producing has been wrapping up a legacy he started way back when. It is typical for him to have a musical performance guest on every episode, typically choosing popular artists in the music industry at the time. For his last episode, many people were wondering who it would be because it carries a legacy and makes a huge statement. It was just announced that the final musical guest will be The Foo Fighters as you can read in this article here.

This pick is probably one of the best picks he could have chosen for multiple reasons. For one, the front man Dave Grohl is a legend in the rock and music world apart from his band, as he was the drummer for the 90s band Nirvana. Nirvana explored, pioneered, and popularized a whole new genre of music (grunge). Apart from that, the band The Foo Fighters have been highly successful themselves and have created numerous hits throughout the years. Secondly, the band has new music out right now so it gives them a chance to show their music which is always the aim of the musical guests.

Not only will he have a class act to help end a beautiful tradition and legacy but he is also helping to expose a band to new audiences which is great in itself.

Thanks to Steve Murray for always watching with me. You will be missed.

May 15

Vijay Eswaran: An Entrepreneur That’s Always a Step Ahead

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur that has consistently brought forth progressive marketing strategies, business models, and unique ideas to his customers. Eswaran is the co-founder and standing Chairman for the QI Group of Companies that entails direct sales, retail, finance, and educational endeavors.

Previously, Vijay worked with well-known global leaders in order to reach new heights with an aim on global expansion. One of these companies included the tech giant IBM, where Vijay had massive success before embarking on his entrepreneurial endeavors. Eswaran created the QI Group in 1998 in order to tackle the expansion of the online market. Eswaran saw the potential to take a precious metals business and implement it with an online platform.

The first success that the QI Group had was with the selling of commemorative coins on their e-commerce based website. The competitors in the space saw the QI group as a joke and often laughed at their tactics. Their first taste of success came when the group earned the right to sell products in the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the Asian Pacific Rim market. Out of the 42 competitors within that particular market, the QI group finished in the top 3 in overall sales and revenue. The direct-selling tactics and ambitions that Eswaran had, propelled the company to new heights.

Eswaran attributes this early success with his understanding of how important the internet was. He knew that adding the direct-sales component into an online platform would allow him to have further reach in his mission and expand with a global presence. He’s not unappreciative of how far he’s come, however.

“To me, success if as much interwoven with challenges, just as light is to shadow. How do I deal with them… by embracing them,” says Eswaran. This is the mentality that created the success in The QI group over the years.

May 13

Age Is Just a Number

We all have those lifelong goals that we plan to achieve before our lives are over. Some of us want children, others to attain a specific career, get married or something else equally important. For 95 year old Anthony Brutto, his dream was to become a graduate of West Virginia University.

This gentleman has served our country in World War II, which was the reason he had to stop going to school in the 1940’s. Following the end of the war, Anthony had to take care of his wife, who had fallen sick. He also worked a trade throughout his life crafting tools and other tasks related to machinery. 75 years after he began his pursuit to gain a degree, he received it during commencement this month.

Brad Reifler says it just goes to show you he has a lot of patience and determination which allowed him to achieve his goal regardless of your age, and regardless of what the goal is (article in Bradcreifler). This important goal was always on the back burner for Anthony, and at the age of 95, it has finally moved to the forefront as he is now a college graduate.

May 11

French drugmaker said to have created human sperm in vitro

A biotech company in France claims to have discovered a way to make lab-grown human sperm.

Researchers at Kallistem announced by using immature testicular cells, scientists were able to create “complete human sperm in vitro.”

Patients with spermatogonia, which are immature testicular cells, volunteered for testicular biopsies, and in 72 days, scientists turned the spermatogonia into test-tube sperm.

The results of these achievements have not been published in any scientific journal, which is a crucial step to lend creditability to scientist, and the precise process was not disclosed. The company, Kallistem, is awaiting patent approval, scheduled for June.

Several researchers have described the discovery as a first for novel therapies towards male fertility according to Crystal Hunt, but everyone remains cautious until Kallistem publishes their work.

Professor Israel Nisand, creator of the European forum on bioethics says this process of immature testicular cells to create in vitro sperm cells would be “a significant advance in the treatment of male infertility,” if it’s true.

Kallistem has specified that “preclinical trials will continue until 2016 and then clinical studies will begin in 2017,” with a focus towards commercializing the technology within five years.

May 9

The U.S. Birth Rate Is At An All-Time Low

More Than 3.9 Million Babies Were Born In The United States in 2013

According to the yearly report from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, the birth rate in the United States is at an all-time low. In 2013, 3.9 million babies were born. That figure is 1 percent less the 2012 figure. One reason for the drop is there are less teen pregnancies. But the economy also played a part in the lower birth rate. Young married couple have a hard enough time making ends meet without kids in this inflation-ridden economy.The birth rate is expected to increase in 2016 according to the chairman of obstetrics and gynecology for Oregon Health & Science University in Portland as seen here. That seems to be about par for the course according to Ivan Ong. Dr. Aaron Caughey says the economy is on the upswing, and that will be a catalyst for young couples to have kids. Woman are having babies in their late twenties these days rather than in their early twenties which was the case right after the Second World War. Waiting longer to have children also plays a part in the US birthrate.

Another reason for the decline is the amount of debt young families are burden with right after college. Woman in their 30s and 40s still have as many children as they did in the past, but it’s the younger woman with debt that want to delay the arrival of their first child.