April 27

Queens of Drama: Starlets with a Goal

You can take the girl out of the industry, but you cannot take the industry out of the girl. It is true that some people cannot stay away from show businesses and, as a result, try to seek better opportunities within the industry. Queens of Drama is a show focusing on former daytime and primetime soap opera actresses as they embark on trying to create their own show. The women work tirelessly attempting to receive the okay for a pilot, and the cameras are rolling the entire time.

The reality series follows the ambitions of Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Crystal Hunt. Regular special appearances are made by Donna Mills as well. These actresses work together on and off the scenes to develop, pitch, and land a pilot to a series of their own by the end of the season. Originally airing in 2015 with ten episodes, this show has had positive reviews and people are anxiously awaiting more.

TV.com says Crystal Hunt’s time on the show began excitedly as the public had been aware of her controversial familiarity with one of the other actresses. Though the women ultimately buried the hatchet for the cause and the greater good, the audience still watched their favorite starlet with nervous anticipation. Of course, it the reconciliation made for excellent reality TV. The Emmy-nominated actress did not let tensions deter her from the path, however, and quickly grew to be one of the favorites of the show.  This also led to a ton of movie work, where Crystal would go on to star in Magic Mike XXL.

According to her Facebook bio, Hunt first became an actress at the age of seventeen, and the public quickly took notice of the beauty. The positive response to her talent lead to her casting in the CBS daytime series, Guiding Light. Playing the troubled and misguided teenager, Lizzie, Hunt won over thousands of fans with her flawless execution of this role. Her growing popularity resulted in other castings, including a role on the big ABC hit, One Life to Live. Hunt’s tireless efforts and performances within the industry made her a shoe-in for Queens of Drama.  Follow her rise on FamousBirthdays.

April 26

Shoes: What’s In This Summer

In a recent article by an author on the whowhatwear website, it talks about the upcoming shoe trends for summer 2016. This guide shows you all the styles you might notice this summer, whether it’s on your friends or on celebrities in your favorite gossip magazines. This guide on retailmenot.com will help you to keep your wardrobe current for the upcoming season.

Some of the trends pictured in this article include chunky sandals of vibrant colors, mule sandals, wedges (which never really seem to go out of style), western styles and more. This summer will definitely feature some wild color varieties, interesting shaped shoes, and shoes of comfort as well. They show examples of shoes and where to find them. These pictured on Instagram are mostly high end shoes, ones you’d see on your favorite celebrities. To view these unique shoes, you may want to check out this site: http://www.whowhatwear.com/spring-2016-shoe-trends.

As far as current styles go, Justfab has an incredible variety of shoes that you simply must check out. From sandals, to boots, to wedges, to flats, their trendy shoes are not only a great value, but quality and unique shoes that you will not find in the department stores. Justfab is a monthly subscription that delivers shoes, clothing and accessories to your door each month at a fixed price. What could be better than adding stylish pieces to your wardrobe every month.

Justfab is a highly advertised website retailer that allows customers to create a profile and set their preferences based on their style choices. The subscription on en.wikipedia.org always runs promotions and usually the first item is greatly discounted. Finally, some quality shoes at a fair price! If you wish to keep your style current this summer, you may want to check out the Justfab website for some new shoes, clothing or accessories. Or maybe, all three.

April 19

How Sanjay Shah Grew Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is one of the world’s premier charitable organizations for raising funding for autism research. Autism Rocks was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2014, the same year his son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism. A worldwide lack of funding for autism research quickly became apparent to Shah. Hence, Autism Rocks was born.

Sanjay Shah practiced accounting for the better part of his career. He worked for investment banks including Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. During the 2008 financial crisis, Shah lost his position as an accountant. The following year, Shah founded Solo Capital Partners, solely featuring Shah at its helm. Solo Capital Partners is currently valued at a net worth of $15 million and assets under management of $67 million.

Brothers Will and Pete Best have recently been hired onto Autism Rocks’ board of trustees. Pete was most recently the chief operating officer at Icap, a leading London-based brokerage firm. Will has experience hosting and producing television shows, creating media marketing campaigns, and organizing events. The brothers are expected to structure more attractive donation deals, expand upon events offered, better market Autism Rocks, and ultimately secure more funding.

Since its 2014 inception, Autism Rocks has featured popular music artists including Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, and Drake. As the charitable organization grows, Autism Rocks is expected to continue its top-notch lineup.

Shah’s company, Solo Capital Partners, primarily deals with sports industry investments, consulting, and proprietary trading. Solo Capital Partners belongs to Solo Groups Holdings, a company that Shah also owns. The investment firm is expected to grow consistently throughout the next ten-year financial period starting March 2015. Sanjay Shah is currently retired, worth $280 million, and still heavily involved in Autism Rocks.

Read more about Sanjay Shah, Autism Rocks, and the new addition of the Best brothers on PR Newswire.

April 18

More Holidays for Venezuelans?

It seems that Venezuelans will get more state holidays. As Daily Caller reports, for the next two months, Fridays will be off. That would be great if the country was so rich that they could afford to work less.

But according to David Osio, Venezuela is going broke. When oil was trading at nearly $150 a barrel, the former populist president, Hugo Chavez, started spending money left and right. Now, with oil less than $40 a barrel, this oil-rich nation is experiencing some major economic problems.

The current Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has found himself in a difficult situation. In order to look for savings, and at the same time to make citizens happy, he just announced free Fridays. The reason behind this move is to save energy, even at the cost of production- something that may seem like an insane idea- but according to Venezuelan David, isn’t necessarily so.

Both foreigners and many Venezuelans are already mocking Maduro and his so-called solutions.



April 17

The Growing Movement of Vaginal Rejuvination

Vaginal rejuvination is a growing trend among women. This is due to the emergence of noninvasive procedures that not only help with cosmetic issues but can help with issues like urinary leakage and vaginal dryness, according to a Cosmetic Surgery Times article. Dr. Jennifer Walden states that women are seeking vaginal rejuvination for their own reasons and not because of a yearning to please a man’s unrealistic expectation. Ranking 21 in the top 22 cosmetic surgical procedures, labiaplasty was performed 8,745 times in 2015. Labiaplasty (not including vaginal rejuvenation) can help take care of issues including reducing the inner lip size of a woman that can cause irritation and pain during normal activity and sexual activity.


Dr. Walden is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and has been on the board of directs of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She has been featured as a spokesperson for the ASAPS regarding labiaplasty surgery and was recognized by American Way for being one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America”. Among these qualifications, Dr. Walden is the founder of a private practice, Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC; and ambulatory surgery center, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC.


Fox News, Dr 90210, VH1, and other programs have featured Dr. Walden as an expert in her field. Along with her practice and board memberships, she co-authored Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a textbook. Dr. Walden is a leading surgeon for vaginal rejuvination and labiaplasty procedures. She has a 94.8% patient satisfaction rating and is highly recommended by former patients. Most of Dr. Walden’s surgeries are done in her own operating room which is located close to her private office. Her operating room has been accredited by AAAASF, the premiere program for office OR accreditation, for maintaining the highest of standards.

April 14

Finding Help With VTA Publications

VTA Publications is a fast growing company that specializes in non-fiction material. They publish distance learning courses with products that are considered to have specialty information. One such product is called Retirement Planning from the Bible, which is a 10 part course that uses the Bible to help step up financial goals successfully. They offer course booklets and DVDs to help their customers along in life. They also help book seminars and events for this material.

VTA Publications also offers free articles on their website. One article is called “Trouble Awaits If You Do This”. It’s an insightful article. What is one thing we really shouldn’t be doing, but do anyway? We judge each other. With various metaphors given, this article really strikes that point home.

It is common sense, but it’s true we do judge others, almost automatically. The article does a great job of reminding us that no one is perfect. The tendency to try and convince others to think and act like we do is a hard habit to break. Hopefully, others who run into this article will be inspired to think about that. If this is just a taste of what VTA Publications has to offer, it may help to change the hearts and minds of any who happen to read it.

April 11

A Look Into The Life of The Man Behind The Professional Achievement Scholarship: Keith Mann

Keith Mann was born and raised in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK. He is both an Activist and a writer. As an activist he campaigned for the animal rights and thus viewed as one of the most devoted and rebellious heroes of the animal welfare movement not only in the UK but also in the entire world. As a writer, Keith published one of his books in 2007 named; “From dusk ‘til Dawn, which is an insider’s view of the growth of the liberation Movement.

Politically, Keith Mann founded The Animal Protection Party in 2008 which represented the rights of the animal. He therefore stood for the May 2010’s General Election of Oxford West and Abingdon County Constituency, to protest against building of the Biomedical Science Building of Oxford University. The election was unsuccessful where he had 143 votes, an equivalent of 0.3%.

Keith Mann is also a founder and the managing director of the Dynamic Search Partners, which was founded in 2009 in the New York where he began his profession with Dynamic Associates as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division and subsequently rose through the ranks until he obtained the position of a Vice President of the company. The company offers investment alternatives and hedge funds which includes provision of human personnel to top companies in the diversified economic sector. Additionally, since the initiation of the dynamic Search Partners in 2001, Keith has helped to fill at least 2,000 mandates of the clients. He has also expanded operations beyond just staffing investment positions.

Keith has partnered with Uncommon Schools organization which runs 44 schools and targets mostly on students from low income background and families, thus helping them aid opportunities in good college and better education and consequently good leadership in professionals. For a student to secure a scholarship, they are required to submit a 1000 words essay explaining their expectations on the achievements of professional goals by application of their college degree. One of Keith’s goals is to ensure that he is giving back to the society through the introduction of the scholarship.

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

April 11

Weisfogel’s Campaign to Raise Money Benefiting Children World Wide

Avi Weisfogel is a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) that practices in Old Bridge, NJ. He has set up a campaign through GoFundMe for Operation Smile, a charitable organization that focuses on helping children. Weisfogel is raising funds through his GoFundMe campaign to help benefit this organization that provides free surgeries for children and young teens with facial deformities such as cleft palate and cleft lips. Weisfogel believes in the work of Operation Smile which provides these services world wide so that every child has a hope for a bright future even though they have faced such difficult circumstances.

The Operation Smile campaign that Weisfogel has set up clearly shows how passionate he is about helping others. It is his hope to show that all children need to be treated as if they were your very own and deserve extraordinary care. Weisfogel’s goal to collect $2000 through GoFundMe for Operation Smile is achievable and would benefit many children.

Weisfogel’s own dentist practice focuses on treating sleep patients. He has helped to create the Dental Sleep Masters program which is geared to reaching dentists, physicians and patients to improve the world of sleep medicine. This program helps to teach everyone about oral devices that can help with sleep disorders. Weisfogel runs Dental Sleep Masters Seminars that help to educate people on how to take care of their sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. With so much information out there on ways to treat sleep disorders, it is Weisfogel’s hope to provide everyone with the correct information and devices that will help the patient.

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April 11

All The Hype About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a marketing solutions company that has been dedicated to helping businesses grow since 2007. Talk Fusion uses video technology to initiate person to person business transactions. Talk fusion is an international company that operates in more than 140 different countries. The founder of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. One of the most innovating aspects of Talk Fusion is the instant pay compensation plan. This is a compensation plan that many different companies have been able to use when it comes to offering a business or service.

Talk Fusion is a company that adheres to high ethical standards and they are a member of the Direct Selling Association. Apart from being a leader when it comes to video marketing solutions, Talk Fusion is also a company that is known for its commitment to giving back to the community. Every year Talk Fusion donates to charities all around the world to contribute to positive efforts to better the global community.

Bussiness For Home did an article about Talk Fusion, because Talk Fusion has become the number one communications program in the global market. Recently Talk Fusion launched a video chat, and it is one of the top programs in many countries. This application for the video chat has been the number one application in Indonesia, the number five in Japan, and the number 20 in Switzerland.

Video chat can be downloaded as an app for android, Mac, or for any other tablet. This application comes in high definition quality and it is used to help individuals all around the world to communicate. In the past three months the Alexa web ranking’s for Talk Fusion has gone up 30,000 positions, because they have had a huge spike in traffic data. The video chat’s success will have even more impact when Talk Fusion initiates its corporate website. The website will allow individuals to take advantage of their website’s 30 day full access with no credit card required.

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April 11

Handy Makes Spring Cleaning Easier

In today’s world, it can be hard to find the time to get things done that need to be done. Many busy professionals find it hard to get cleaning done when they need it accomplished. This is often particularly true during the spring when people realize they need to clean up the grime of winter. They start to think about the many things that need to be done in the house make the house open and clean. However, so many people today find it hard to get things done because they are too busy doing other things such as work and caring for their kids. This is why many people today need help to clean their houses. Finding a cleaning service is not always easy.

As people have often found, it can be hard to find a cleaning service. A cleaning company can be hard to vet to find out if they are just right for any given person’s needs. This is where an app called Handy aims to make things easier for all homeowners. The app has been specially designed to allow people to find cleaning services in any area. Staffers at Handy interview cleaning companies for people. Each company listed on the app has been examined closely to make sure they can provide house cleaning services for any homeowner.

Handy wants to make sure that each user is happy with the company’s help. To that end, they make sure that any company on the site has been fully examined. Only about three percent of all those who apply to the company to become part of their team are allowed to be listed. This ensure that all companies that are listed on the site are capable of providing the kind of help that people need when searching it. The company knows that their clients rely on them so this is why they strive to make sure each cleaning company they employ is ready to do the job on day one. This is one of many reasons why it has enjoyed so much success.

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