February 8

Us Money Reserve More Like The Thing For Gorge Soros

US Money Reserve has recently been in the limelight on its sale of gold coins, silver and platinum. The platinum sale was given to the company by the United States government after the work of the new president Philip Diehl was outstanding in the mint. George Soros would most definitely want to be part of this new era of the US Money Reserve more after they made such an intelligent move to wipe out the penny from the market. This is after realizing that they are spending more on it than how much it is giving out, the move is a nice one for the economy of the states.

By being in the limelight also means that Phillip accepted a media interview about the issue of the US Money Reserve in Enterprise Radio. He explained how great the market is for gold coins and how much investors trust the US Money Reserve company much because it has a strong establishment and foundation more than any other gold selling company there. Philip also thinks by the fact that the government is the lead source of gold, platinum and silver coins to the company means that they are definitely of good quality and investors will not be subjected to fakes different from other unknown gold seller company.

Philip is known for his service at the United States Treasury and also being the 35th president of the US Money Reserve. His duty at the US Money Reserve perfects from his outstanding experience with MINT where he dealt with bullion coins and ensured that Mint produced more of those cons than anyone have ever done in the past. The power of US Money Reserve is also based on being the strongest gold coin company in the world with strong legal abilities based from the government of the United States.

According to Crunchbase, the US Money Reserve also has very strong networks all over the world including the Antarctica. This has made it, even more, powerful as the sole distributor of the coins. The approach it uses is also an entrepreneurial approach which enhanced its strategy to customer satisfaction. Diehl places US Money Reserve as the best in being committed to serving its customers much more with them having the best recurrent business policy of all other gold distributing companies. It is also special for being the only company that has initiated the products of platinum coins which are precious metals. You cannot compare US Money Reserve with any other precious metal company it is exceptional in its own special way. I tend to think that Phillip is the best thing that ever happened to this company for his emphasis on customer satisfaction.

February 8

Charles Koch Views on the 2016 Presidential Race

In front of thousands, Charles Koch stood in front of the Freedom Partners Policy Leaders conference in California and asked, “Will you stand with us to help save our country?”. Most of the top Republicans were in attendance, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, however, there was one man that wasn’t invited to the event, Donald Trump.

No one expected Trump to run for president. Let alone become a serious competitor. The goal of the Koch network is to get a Republican in the White House. Before the Kochs gear up to take on Bernie or Hillary, they might have to decide what they are going to do about Trump.

Trump’s radical political views clash heavily with the Koch network’s members. When he announced his run, everyone thought he would be out of the race within months. Now that he is a serious competitor the Koch brothers are deciding how to deal with him. Several Koch officials have stated they have discussed various scenarios with how they will proceed. All of which is still tentative because the network has yet to official back a candidate.

With New Hampshire coming up and Trump maintaining a large lead there, the Koch network is nearing a decision on whether to take on Trump. According to The Hills, Trump has been analyzed and their first choice in attack is one used against Mitt Romney in the previous elections. Dubbed “Vulture Capitalism”, they will highlight Trump’s track record of bankruptcies and aggressive scorched earth business tactics.

Charles Koch is one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. He has been shaping an aging political culture since the 70’s. In growing his family-owned conglomerate, he as solidified his power not only in the domestically, but internationally as well. Trump will have a difficult time winning the presidential election without the Koch networks endorsement.

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February 8

The Helpful Scholarship Offered by Keith Mann

Keith Mann has been a leader in the hedge fund and business marketing industry. He has worked for the past 15 years with a variety of company owners to better their investment strategies and make their businesses the success that they have always thought they could be. One of the things that Keith Mann has done in the past is a variety of humanitarian events and offerings that are all helping those who are trying to make a difference in the world. One of his most recent ventures is offering a scholarship to those who are in college and will be graduating with business degrees.

Keith Mann is offering a scholarship to graduating seniors who are looking to further their careers and continue on with school. Many of these students do not have the money to continue on with their education and so they simply give up on it. Instead of doing this, Keith Mann is offering a full scholarship to those who are learning from the Uncommon Charter High School which is located in Brooklyn. Mr. Mann is offering a few different prizes to those who are looking to win. The only thing asked of students is to write out a 1,000-word essay that goes into detail about their education and why they feel that a college degree would help their future endeavors.

Keith Mann himself has done a range of humanitarian events in the past and continues to be a leader in his industry. Not only does he own and operate his own company, known as Dynamics Search Partners, but he is also continually going above and beyond what is expected of him. His passion in life is to help those who need it and those who would like to continue in his footsteps in this particular industry. No matter how you see it, Mr. Mann is one of the top hedge fund companies in the country and is making his mark on the world to help individuals who need this type of assistance. You will find that this benefits everyone who might be involved with it all.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement
February 8

Avi Weisfogel: GoFundMe Project Makes a Difference for Millions

In his hometown of Old Bridge, New Jersey, Avi Weisfogel began his career as a dentist with Old Bridge Dental Care. His popularity grew across town and he won the title of Best Dentist many times. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology then continue to pursue his studies to earn a dentist degree (DDS) from NYU’s College of Dentistry. He also established Dental Sleep Masters Seminars in New Jersey, which specializes in sleep apnea and teaches people how to treat their problems and disorders related to sleep. Weisfogel has worked in the area of sleep apnea for over 16 years and has a wide range of experience in this field.

Avi Weisfogel is also responsible for establishing a variety of other health programs. Five years ago, he started a program called “Healthy Heart Sleep”, to help him as well as other health professionals learn more about how to help people cope with sleep problems and disorders. Three years ago, Weisfogel began Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients which launched his journey to lecture other dentists on sleep apnea and the problems associated with this condition. Two years later, he added Dental Sleep Masters to help other dentists learn how to use a variety of different oral devices that can be used to help cope with sleep problems. He is a master at showing how sleep problems are tied to dental health.

In addition to his work, Weisfogel is a huge philanthropist who has been involved in charity work since 1982. He started a GoFundMe page for the charity operation smile because he was inspired and cuts by this organization and what they are able to do for others. Along with his wife Kathleen and Dr. William McGee, they started this program in the Philippines with other professionals in the medical industry to help children who have deformities from birth such as cleft lips and cleft palates in the facial area.

During his time in the Philippines, he was overwhelmed by the amount of children who desperately needed the help of his organization. He sought the help of different companies to solicit donations to use for surgeries as well as any supplies that were available. He next gathered a volunteer staff of doctors, technicians, and nurses for his return trip to the Philippines. This is how he helped start Operation Smile so that he could make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, the program that Weisfogel help start is helping children from all over the world using thousands of professional staff from over 80 different countries. Operation Smile now helps children in over 60 different countries and almost a quarter of a million surgeries have been given to children and young teens with facial deformities for free. In addition, he has also worked with medical staff to help them handle deformities surgeries and donated supplies and equipment when needed.

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February 8

Why do people love Handy?

Handy is becoming one of the biggest and most useful apps in technology today because of its simplicity, ease of use, and amazing power it holds. Clearly the brand is growing with more than $1 million dollars a week in bookings, which is proving that this simple online platform is making ti easer for homeowners and businesses to find cleaners on the fly. Online and mobile cleaning has skyrocketed with other platforms building to make it easier for people to find a home cleaner. However, Handy is one of the few that has continued the streak and has created amazing results for many people online. This site basically allows ordinary people to provide services in their town, and homeowners and business owners can hire these people in just a few clicks. Service providers can provide cleaning services, handymen work, and all kinds of help around the home.

The reason why people are loving this specific app in comparison to other related platforms is the fact that Handy does not allow random people to type in ads. This isn’t a Craigslist-related website for those wanting cleaning services. Handy is a place where they take background checks, interview prominently, and look carefully for the right individuals. They do not allow just anyone to join their cleaning team. In fact, their tight expectations are all the more proof that they expect only the best to join their team.

Another reason people just love Handy is just the fact that it is so “handy.” You can easily use this platform to find instantly qualified people to join in and help you with your home. Using just your smartphone and your fingertips, you can find a person within the next 10 minutes and have them over in an hour if you’d like. There is some serious money in this industry for those who want to work as one of their contractors, but again, not everybody is accepted, and this is why so many rely on this app for qualified contractors.

In the world of cleaning, it’s hard to find good help these days if you don’t exactly know what you are looking for. With this app, they make it ten times easier to get a qualified contractor at your home within hours. You are completely protected by their immensely talented team and staff members who strive to make it easier on people like you get quality cleaning fast.

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February 5

Investors Continue to Grapple Whether to Pull Off or Stay in the Stock Market

Bears expect 2016 to be weak concerning economic growth and profit; this is inferred from the plunge in the U.S stock market. However, even if the bears are wrong, the fall is making investors not willing to spend. Growth has downshifted as producers continue to contend with slowing markets abroad. The adverse effect of plunging oil prices and effect on exports from the stronger dollar has caused drilling companies to retrench.

As investors continue to grapple whether pull out of stocks or stay in, China remains to be the centre of many concerns. As highlighted by Mark Schofield, Citigroup Global Markets managing director, what matters to global markets is the extent contagion emanating from china’s slowdown. He further points out that, it is too early to call the situation demise. It has been clearly pointed out the real source of aggravation is China missteps with Yuan. However, the potential of China, the most populous country to drag the world economy into a recession should not be underestimated.
Worries that recession is in store for the United States economy has begun already and have continued to dominate the market. Torsten Slok, the Deutsche Bank chief international economist, argues that if your views are that things are wrong, and we are currently in a recession, then it is prime time for you to invest in risky assets. According to Slok, the United States leverage problems being experienced today is peanuts in comparison to 2006 situation. Slok Position is informed by the fact that high yield problems experienced today is fifteen times smaller compared to housing market imbalance experienced in 2006. What is unsettling markets is uncertainty over response to policy, Schofield stated
In a strategic move to improve investment process, risk management, and unify research in risky economic environment, Highland Capital, an investment management firm has been providing leading investment platforms that encompass liquid alternative funds and non-traditional. Highland Capital was founded by Jim Dondero in 1993, for over 20 years, it has been instrumental in providing alternative investment solutions. Under the leadership of Jim, Highland Capital has grown to be one of the largest and most experienced in global alternatives. Together with its affiliates, Highland Capital has approximately $20 billion assets under its management.
The introduction of these platforms strengthens the ability to drive results and allow customized solutions across portfolios to investors. Besides, Highland Alternative Investors has enabled Highland Capital to continue building upon and expanding their success across entire investment platforms, while pursuing their primary objective of meeting the clients’ demands and needs.
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This article recapped www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-31/pboc-effort-to-squeeze-bets-against-yuan-undermined-by-stimulus


January 31

George Soros’ Political Influence

George Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund managers the world has ever seen. This reputation of his as well as his knowledge and experience has gained him a very influential and powerful voice not only in the realm of global finances and markets but a political voice as well. An article in Forbes Magazine illustrates how George Soros‘ opinions on financial and political events and people are still headed despite his retirement. In a Bloomberg TV interview, Soros made a startling comment that “Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS”(Gara). This hefty accusation made by Soros was alluding to the comments Donald Trump has made numerous times during his campaign about keeping Muslim’s out of the United States. If Trump were to actually follow through with this ridiculous border policy, Soros’ argues, then ISIS will be more encouraged to turn towards terrorism. Soros goes onto explain in his interview that the Syrian and Iraq governments are increasingly gaining land that ISIS once held. He says that the days of ISIS may be coming to an end.

Having been an immigrant himself, it is no shock that Soros would be opposed to such a rash and immature suggestion by Republican presidential nominee front-runner Donald Trump. Soros moved from Hungary to the UK where he attended college at the School of Economics in London. Born in 1930 to Hungarian parents, Soros survived the Nazi overrule of Hungary in 1947 as Hungary became a communist state. After attending school in London, Soros went to the United States where he established an international investment fund though which he earned a lot of money.

After the incredible success of Soros’ Soros Fund Management, he has began to step back from his work as he eases his way into retirement at the age of 85. A large majority of Soros’ focus is now on his philanthropy. Soros’ has always been involved in philanthropic work since Apartheid in South Africa in 1979 when he funded the education of many black people to attend Cape Town University. The Open Society Foundation was a philanthropic group started by George Soros. As the name suggests, this foundation strives to promote an open society and all of the positive rights and characteristic that go along with that image.

Soros’ success both financially and philanthropically have established himself as an expert in the field of finances in which many seek his advice. Furthermore, his opinion is taken very seriously as his articles on topics ranging from politics to finances are widely published and read. Soros is also the author of multiple books spanning the different genres he is passionate about.


Gara, Antoine. “Hedge Fund Billionaire George Soros: ‘Donald Trump Is Doing The Work Of ISIS'” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 21 Jan. 2016. Web. 27 Jan. 2016.

January 29

Dynamic Digital Service Offerings Reports Growth of over 900 Percent

Online reputation management has become an important asset to have in today’s increasingly virtual world. With just a simple Google search, potential employers and clients can learn an amazing amount of facts about a person. In a way, this is a good thing, but if they uncover negative information it can become problematic in a hurry. Firms such as Status Labs are dedicated to protecting the hard work that an individual has done to build their reputation. They are dedicated to online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations and could be a huge asset to you and your firm.

Since 2012, the Status Labs firm has been dedicated to being an asset to their clients by helping them drive participation and sales. They are devoted to increasing a brand’s digital footprint and offering image management services.

There has been an increasing amount of demand for the services that Status Labs can provide, and they recently announced that they have new statistics related to the company’s growth. In 2015, revenue for the firm increased 39 percent. Moreover, total revenue for the company has been up over 900 percent since the company was founded.

“2015 really is shaping up to be the best year yet for our firm,” said the President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher. They have signed up over 150 new clients from such diverse fields as technology, real estate, philanthropy, finance, politcs, healthcare and even beauty.

Darius Fisher loves to promote his firm. “Status is very unique,” he said. “We can solve literally any digital communications problem that is brought to us. We are able to offer online reputation solutions for political figures, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between.”

Their services do not end at online reputation management either. “We can help a client with advertising on social media or developing a strategy for public relations as well.”

Status Labs has grown its workforce by 12 percent over the past year in order to meet the increasing demand. They are currently adding new talent in such diverse areas as Austin, TX and New York City.

January 28

How White Shark Media Deals With Its Customer Complaints

Every company regardless of whether it offers goods and services receives customer complaints. Complaints come naturally with the growth of the business and business owners do not have to fret too much when they come face to face with them. It takes time to build a company from scratch and every business at some point reaches a point where it has to pay for the mistakes it has made during the company growth process.

White Shark Media has come face to face with numerous customer complaints during its growth. Contrary to what other companies do, White Shark lets its customers know the kind of complaints it receives and how it works towards solving them. Below are the most common.

1.When a customer has lost touch with an Adwords campaign

This is one complaint that the company takes very seriously. With time, the company came to the realization that the reporting procedures it had put in place were not very adequate to let small business owners review its reports or better still, know what exactly is going on with their campaign.

To avoid such instances, White Shark ensures that each customer is taken through all ins and outs of their campaigns. By so doing, they are kept abreast of what the campaign will entail and also where to go or what to do when they want to see how a specific keyword is performing.

2.When a customer feels that communication is inadequate

As a consultancy agency, communication is very important for White Shark’s growth. In the early days, clients felt that communication was not good enough, and they were forced to go through a receptionist. To avoid such future incidents, the company provided the following;

-Scheduled monthly calls
-Phone systems that have direct extensions

3.When a customer feels like old campaigns are performing better than newly optimized campaigns

As an agency that is known to deal with matters related to Ad-words, this is one of the biggest criticism it comes across with. When clients come and they do not find a new campaign performing better, then White Shark will be in big trouble. To ensure that every campaign is successful, the company increased the importance of different procedures so as to guarantee the success of every client.

4. When clients indicate the need for SEO services

White Shark Media is yet to venture into the SEO niche. However, the company is in a good position to distinguish and advice a client on the most suitable SEO company for their specific need. The company helps clients by reviewing their SEO proposals and advising them on the most appropriate action to take.

5. When a client feels that the campaign is created on the company’s account

Since 2012, the company has been making sure that all campaigns it runs are on new accounts and that they run from scratch to enhance transparency.

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January 25

George Soros Speaks Of His Thoughts On The Future Of The EU

The letters EU stand for European Union. The European Union is one that has recently emerged in the last few years. European leaders across the continent have felt that it is their best interest to create a space where the many citizens of the entire continent can travel unhindered and well as work if they so choose. The result of their efforts has been a European Union that includes many states with a high standard of living such as France in the east and states where the standard of living is not quite as high such as that of Poland in the west.

Today, savvy investor George Soros looks at this area and ponders if the European Union will remain a viable unit. Soros is one of the world’s most respected people as well as one of the world’s richest. He has been at the head of fortune that he earned during his lifetime by making educated guesses about the kinds of ways that it is possible to invest in the market. His insights and understanding of the world of the stock market and contemporary finance is informed both by his background in the field here and his own background as a citizen of this continent.

Soros speaks of his own views about the present existence of the European Union in an interview that was recently published in The New York Review of Books, Soros shares his particular thoughts about the way that the leaders of the EU have behaved in recent years and how such behaviors have impacted the very future of the entire union. He sees the present day union as one that is based on many principles including the ideal of allowing for an area of the world where the principles of an open society are present at all times.

He believes that swift action is necessary in order to prevent the collapse of the union in the future. In his view, the union stands poised on the verge of a union that may work or one that may collapse. He points to both the influx of Syrian refugees and the crisis on the Euro in recent years as problems that must be addressed or even more problems will result in the future. His view is that the head of Germany must step up to provide necessary leadership to the region or all will be lost here.